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Monday, March 06, 2017 - 03:50 AM GMT+7
Vintage Wings of Canada has published “Baby Flattops of the Royal Navy’s Ruler Class” an account of the Royal Navy’s escort carriers in World War Two.
While the big fleet carriers got all the glory, the Royal Navy’s escort carriers did yeoman service protecting convoys, fighting the enemy in the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters, ferrying aircraft, and repatriating servicemen and prisoners of war.

The Ruler Class carriers all carried short names of royal title or perhaps political leadership—Ameer, Arbiter, Atheling, Begum, Emperor, Empress, Khedive, Nabob, Premier, Queen, Rajah, Ranee, Ruler, Shah and Thane. Also included in this group are also Patroller, Puncher, Ravager, Reaper, Searcher, Slinger, Smiter, Speaker, Trouncer and Trumpeter—25 carriers in all. The article tells little known stories of these unsung ships and is an invaluable resource for the modeler contemplating a build of any of these baby flattops.

Vintage Wings of Canada, a web site dedicated to preserving and continuing the heritage of Canadian aviation, presents this and many other articles completely free of charge “to honor our heroes of yesterday and today.” What a deal!

Baby Flattops of the Royal Navy’s Ruler Class” on Vintage Wings of Canada may be accessed at:
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