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Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 03:33 AM UTC
Model Monkey is happy to announce new 3D-printed products for US Navy and Deutsche Kriegsmarine warships
New Products

For USS Texas BB-35, in addition to an already available Forward Fighting Top, a highly detailed companion Aft Fighting Top.

For modern US Navy aircraft carriers, a set of anchors with free-swivel shank in 1/350 scale.

For the classic Tamiya 1/700 scale German battleship Scharnhorst, a replacement barbette for Turret "Bruno" complete with exterior vent trunks absent from the Tamiya kit's part.

For Balao class submarine fans, a fairwater for USS Lionfish SS-298 is now available to help convert your 1/350 scale Gato class kits to a late-war, extended-deck Balao class boat. This design has noticeably different features than the already available USS Balao SS-285 fairwater.

For large scale Fletcher class, Sumner class and Gearing class destroyers, destroyer escorts and various auxiliaries, a windlass is now available.

For large scale US Navy warships, a set of 2 World War Two-era boat winches for handling 26' motor whaleboats is now available.

For Midway class aircraft carrier fans, sets of 5"/54 Mk.16 single mounts (turrets) are now available. The sets' mounts come left- and right-handed with mount captain's blast hood correctly located.

For Deutsche Kriegsmarine warship fans, sets of highly detailed 160 cm Searchlights are now available.

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