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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 04:58 AM UTC
Mike Ashey Publishing announces the soon to be release of the Comprehensive Series Manual about the USS Alaska!

Here are some finished photos of the USS Alaska in her measure 32 dazzle pattern. This kit has over 1,300 parts. The Comprehensive Series Manual for this kit is in final editing and it consists of 391 sequenced color photos and it is 80 pages. Based upon feedback we have changed the manuals formatting and the hull/deck painting and masking sequence is now presented in 42 large photos. We have also added a complete list of the paints, tools and equipment that you will need as well as a listing of the replacement parts that were used.

The Alaska Comprehensive Series Manual will sell for $14.75 and it should be available for purchase in a week or so

Please stop by Mike Ashey Publishing to purchase the All New Comprehensive Series Manual, USS Alaska and many other previously released publications from Mike Ashey!
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