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Finally! It's been a long time coming, but Peter Hall has finished the artwork for PE 752, and it will be going off for etching in the next day or two
A year or two ago, we got a kit that many of us had been waiting for for many years - the LCM(3) in 1/35th scale. Not only did we get a long-awaited kit , we got two - from both Trumpeter and from Italeri, this time it seems we are only getting one, but an incredibly welcome release all the same....
A 1/700 DD-931 Forrest Sherman Class (early) with optional briges and some small heavy steal are part of the news Tom Gardner, from JAG Collective brings us!
MIG Productions has now turned it's head to the naval arena, and has produced one of the most exciting model releases of 2005! Their first naval production is the ferocious Soviet BK1125!
Now.. for a WEM PE special!
We've got new releases from COMBRIG.. this has only just been announced, and the order's on the way to us already!
With all the attention that Dragon Models receive with their armor releases, it is sometimes easy to forget that they are continuing (albeit more slowly) with an interesting range of ship kits in both 1/350th and 1/700th scale - this is one of their future (august 2005) releases...
White Ensign Models is putting our PE 3585 for the Trumpeter 1/350 USS North Carolina (BB-55) into production.
That's right--something of a surprise we've had tucked away for a while and are now putting into production:
More and more of the 'Aftermarket' companies are beginning to produce 1/7nd scale figures for vessels such as Revell's U-Boat or their German MTB. However, inevitably, these figures can work out quite expensive, particularly if a large number of figures are required....
PE 3580, 1/350 Kuznetsov Airwing Set, is now available and shipping, with priority to pre-orders.
Hokey dokey, folks--here now and packing (and shipping as of Wednesday the 27th), are:
That's right: the 1/350 Trumpeter USS North Carolina kit is here, and you can order it now. Price is 51.02 (UK/EU residents add VAT).
Last month, DML announced the release of 7049 - U.S.S. Essex in 1/700th scale, now comes advance news of yet another 'Essex' in 1/700th - the U.S.S. Randolph....
Well, here are the images of the next two WEM PE sets, hot off the Mac of our chief designer, Peter "Mad Pete" Hall.
White Ensign Models is about to release its photoetch detail set for the Trumpeter 1/350 scale Admiral Kuznetsov.
The Mikasa was a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy and was the Flagship of Admiral Togo. It fought in the very famous historic "Battle of the Japan Sea" vs. the Russian Battle Fleet during May 27-28, 1905 and was instrumental during the Russo-Japanese war.
At last, we have completed the design for our photoetch detail set for the Heller 1/400 HMS Illustrious kit.
Just posted on the Dragon Models website is a (sadly, all too rare) new Warship release - the U.S.S. Essex in 1/700th scale...
We have just completed the artwork for our newest 1/350 aircraft photoetch detail sets.
We just received large shipments from several of our casting firms, and have a number of new items and re-stocks packing right now.
Replace the incorrect anchors in your new Trumpeter 1/350 scale USS Nimitz kit.
Fresh and welcome news from Trumpeter for ship modelers! Yah-Hoo , This is what we have been waiting for! New kits in all scales Just anounced by Stevens International. 2005 is going to be a great year for us Modelers.You have to see this!
U-Models, from France, is a new brand of resin Figurines and other 1/35 Midget Submarines and K-Verband related gear.
These well researched and beautifully sculpted figurines will enhance your displays.
Previously the majority of releases from Voyager Model were for 1/35th scale armor kits. Their previous ship releases were a series of railings for ships of various nationalities. Now they have gone a stage further and produced a brass PE set for a particular vessel....