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  • l_HAS72123a
Hasegawa Models has a fine looking mid-summer aftermarket release scheduled, with this 1/700 scale Japanese Navy Carrier-Based Aircraft Set (Bi-plane)!
  • 400671
As a follow up report from our original NEWS announcement, Hasegawa Models shares a batch of fine looking images of their next 1/350 IJN battleship, Mutsu, AND the dedicated photo-etch upgrade!
  • Akagi_11
As reported earlier this year, Hasegawa is releasing the pre-war IJN Akagi in it's triple deck configuration. Unveiled at this year's Shizuoka Model Show, here are photos of this very nice kit.
  • 40067_2
It's Monday Morning in Japan mates, and NEWS (and a first drawing/image) has just been released from Hasegawa Models of their next "Famous Vessels" series 1/350 scale offering, Japanese Nagato Class battleship "Mutsu"!
  • 400661
Following in the footsteps of the first, very successful release of the Japanese Antarctica Observation Ship, SOYA, from Hasegawa Models. Japan, comes this second version of the vessel. Here is a "sneak peek" inside the box of this yet to be released kit
  • 1920_s_Agaki
Continuing to bring interesting subjects to the ship modeling world, Hasegawa Models announces the release of their new 1/700 Triple Flight Deck Akagi . Converted to a aircraft carrier in 1922, the Akagi was built with two hangars, a flush flight deck, and two hangar deck forward platforms for take off. In addition, she was equipped with two funnels, one which curved downwards and a smaller which curved upwards. This very interesting and unusual kit will be available in July of 2008.
  • l_HAS72118
In response to the growing 1/350 ship market, Hasegawa Models announces the release of two new Imperial Japanese Navy Ship Equipment Sets. The first of these sets, with will be available in March 2008, is the 1/350 Japanese Navy Ship Equipment Set A. This set contains World War 2 Japanese small caliber ship weapons and range finders along with photo etch details and figures. Retail cost for this set will be $20.00. Also to be released is the 1/350 Japanese Navy Warship's Boats Set A. This set contains everything to equip you IJN ship with all the boats and launches it carried. Along with those boats come the photo etch to dress them up. This kit also will retail for $20.00.
  • Nagato_built-up_BS
Building or planning on building Hasegawa Models new Nagato?

Here's an image update of the "Super" Upgrade set, available now!
  • ise_photo
Expanding on their growing full hull, limited edition series, Hasegawa Models proudly announces the release of their 1/700 Japanese Navy Aircraft Battleship "Ise" and 1/700 Japanese Navy Aircraft Battleship "Hyuga". These kits include a full hull, metal gun barrel parts and photo etch. Expected release date will be in March of 2008.
  • nagato_pe_1
This just in from Japan. Hasegawa Models is the first to announce dedicated photo etch sets for their 1/350 IJN Nagato. These sets are due out in November. Retail price is to be announced. Let’s take a closer look at what Hasegawa has to offer.
  • nagato2
Hasegawa Models latest release and announcement of the much anticipated and talked about 1/350 scale IJN Nagato is once again the focus of this NEWS update. This time we take a look at the fine lady all painted up!
  • IJN_rangefinders
In to super-detailing World War II IJN ships? Looking to add range finders to your current builds? Hasegawa Models has just what you need. IJN Photo etch Rangefinders.
  • top5
Hasegawa Models latest unveiling and announcement of the much anticipated 1/350 scale, IJN Nagato, is the focus of this NEWS update, with a second batch of images!
NEWS and first images in from across the pond from Hasegawa Models of their next anticipated release, The Nagato!
Hasegawa Models sends us news of their latest release, the re-tooled 1/700 IJN Heavy Cruiser Kako 1942.
Hasegawa Models re-tools and releases two Imperial Japanese Navy cruisers.
Hot off the presses, an advance announcement of two new upcoming releases from Hasegawa Models!
  • 10058015
News in from Hasegawa Models, of their next Limited Edition, 1/350 scale release, one of the "Famous Ship Series" of model kits.
  • Haguro_Japanese_Heavy_Cruiser_
News in from Hasegawa Models of two more heavy cruisers added to their growing series of IJN waterline subjects, both in 1/700 scale plastic, the "Ashigara" and the "Haguro".
Following suit with Hasegawa Models two latest cruiser releases in 1/700 scale (Myōkō (妙高), and
Nachi (那智), we have this advance news of two more IJN cruiser subjects, slated for a June, 2007 arrival date.
NEWS in from Hasegawa Models of their latest offering in 1/700 scale aftermarket accessories.
News just in from Hasegawa Models, two new IJN cruisers added to their fine line of 1/700 scale vessels.
In an ongoing effort to bring you the latest, here is a set of exclusive trade show images of Hasegawa Models upcoming 1/350 scale "Soya", complete with photo-etch enhancements!

Here's an advance announcement from Hasegawa Models focusing on two interesting releases for February, 2007!
NEWS in from Hasegawa Models. . .
In a previous MSW News story, we reported news of this interesting new limited edition kit, in a brief announcement seen Here!

Now, we will take a closer look at this upcoming release, scheduled for the end of December this year!
NEWS in to the MSW News desk!

Hasegawa Models sends us an advance announcement of some interesting late fall/early winter releases, in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale.
More NEWS from Hasegawa Models!
A new, fantastic looking 1/350 scale A/M Photo-Etch upgrade set to accompany the next new release of, "Yukikaze Operation Ten-Go 1945"
NEWS in to the MSW News desk!
Hasegawa Models sends us news and images of another exciting version of the Yukikaze!
Here's an announcement of two new versatile additions to Hasegawa Models fine line of aftermarket ship accessories.
News Just In,
Hasegawa Models, have just released three new hot additions to their warship series of plastic model kits!
The Mikasa was a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy and was the Flagship of Admiral Togo. It fought in the very famous historic "Battle of the Japan Sea" vs. the Russian Battle Fleet during May 27-28, 1905 and was instrumental during the Russo-Japanese war.