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Looking to depict Kido Butai in it's early years? Aoshima Models announces the releases of their 1/700 Japanese Type 96 Carrier Aircraft kit.
NEWS in from across the pond at Aoshima, of the next two interesting waterline IJN battleship releases, in 1/700 scale plastic. Each kit comes with a dedicated photo-etch upgrade fret.

Look alive, mates!

On the heels of yesterday's announcement from Aoshima Models concerning the long anticipated "Heavy Cruiser `Takao` 1942 ", comes this mornings announcement of the release of two new Photo-Etch Upgrade sets, dedicated for this new kit.

Aoshima's 1/350 scale IJN CA Takao just hit the market in Japan, and here's a peek at the first images!

Aoshima Models sends us news of two releases, the 1/700 IJN Nagato and Mutsu Full Hull Model Super Detail models.

Aoshima Models sends us an early announcement of a very interesting new release, in 1/700 scale waterline, IJNS Submarine I-401.
Here's an advance announcement from AOSHIMA Models, of two new IJN warships available soon in 1/700 scale plastic.