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  • Atago1
Working with their much publicized Takao, Aoshima Models announces the release of their 1/350 IJN Heavy Cruisers Atago and Maya. These sisters shared similar fates during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. While sailing through the Palawan Passage, the Atago and Maya were torpedoed by the US subs Darter and Dace, respectfully. The Atago, Kurita’s flagship, was sunk while the Maya was damaged to the point that she had to withdraw.
Looking to depict Kido Butai in it's early years? Aoshima Models announces the releases of their 1/700 Japanese Type 96 Carrier Aircraft kit.
NEWS in from across the pond at Aoshima, of the next two interesting waterline IJN battleship releases, in 1/700 scale plastic. Each kit comes with a dedicated photo-etch upgrade fret.

Look alive, mates!

On the heels of yesterday's announcement from Aoshima Models concerning the long anticipated "Heavy Cruiser `Takao` 1942 ", comes this mornings announcement of the release of two new Photo-Etch Upgrade sets, dedicated for this new kit.

Aoshima's 1/350 scale IJN CA Takao just hit the market in Japan, and here's a peek at the first images!

Aoshima Models sends us news of two releases, the 1/700 IJN Nagato and Mutsu Full Hull Model Super Detail models.

Aoshima Models sends us an early announcement of a very interesting new release, in 1/700 scale waterline, IJNS Submarine I-401.
Here's an advance announcement from AOSHIMA Models, of two new IJN warships available soon in 1/700 scale plastic.