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Here's an update to our original announcement of Fujimi's new release, IJN Super-Dreadnought Battleship Yamato, Full Hull Model, in 1/700 scale plastic, newly released and available NOW!
It’s the latest trend in ship modeling and Fujimi Models joins in with five modern US Navy kits.
Upgrading is the name of the game and Fujimi Models introduces two new players.
In line with our latest poll question, Fujimi Models announces two new 1/700 Full Hull ships.

Fujimi Models sends us an early announcement of two very interesting new releases, in 1/700 scale waterline, IJNS Light Cruisers “Nagara” and “Isuzu”.
New from Fujimi, a "what if" 1/700 Super Yamato.
News in to the MSW News desk. . .
Two new releases from Fujimi, both in 1/700 scale, IJN subjects submarine "Otsu/Hei" , and destroyer "Tachibana/Nashi" !
Fujimi Models announces the first three October releases, all in 1/700 scale.
First images and details below!