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  • PIT_Teddy_Roosevelt
Available at the end of May, Pit-Road Models will release two 1/700 Nimitiz class aircraft carriers packed full of detail. First up is the US Navy Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt w/ photo etch. Included in this set is sixteen F-14D, two E-2C, four each of the S-3B and EA-6B and a SH=60F. Retail price will be $93.18.
Next up is the US Navy Aircraft Carrier Nimitz w/ clear deck. The Nimitz is in her 2005 fir and will include six each of the F/A-18E, F/A-18F, and F/A-18C, four EA-6B, and two each of the E-2C, SH-60F, and MH-60S. Retail price will be $76.07.
  • Hood_22
In conjunction with Trumpeter Models, Pit-Road Models has produced a magnificent 1/700 HMS Hood battlecruiser. Join me in taking a closer look at what this kit has to offer.
  • pe190
Staying in step with other kit manufactures, Pit Road Models announces the upcoming Photo Etch set for French Battle Ship Richelieu Class and 1/700 Photo Etch set for WWII HMS Hood. A release date has yet to be announced. These kits will retail for $12.84.
  • PIT036243
Are you looking to add an auxiliary ship to an Imperial Japanese Navy diorama? Pit-Road Models may have what you are looking for. Available late April 2008, these finely casted resin ships from troop transports to seaplane tenders will retail for prices between $65.00 to $80.00.
  • tribal
Staying on the forefront of the model ship industry, Pit-Road announces two new upcoming kits. First up, partnering with Trumpeter, Pit-Road unveils their 1/700 British Navy Tribal class destroyer. Next, building on the success of the 1/144 LCAC, Pit-Road surprises everyone with their 1/72 Maritime Self-Defense Force LCAC. The price and release dates for these kits have yet to be announced.
  • atago_1
Pit-Road Models sends us a photo update of their new 1/700 JMSDF AEGIS Destroyer "ATAGO". In looking at the details of this model, it is hard to believe that it is in 1:700 scale. This model will retail for $25.93 and is scheduled to release this month.
  • gb18
Pit-Road Models proudly announces turn brass barrel upgrade for the 1/350 Takao and Chokai. These upgrades include barrels for the main and secondary armament. For the Takao, the kit includes ten 20cm replacement barrels and eight 12.7com replacement barrels. This kit will retail for $29.46.
The barrel upgrade for the Chokai includes ten 20cm replacement barrels and four 12cm replacement barrels. This kit will retail for $27.62.
In this news update from Japan, Pit-Road Models brings us five new 1/700 injection molded plastic kits with a modern flair. Spanning the world, kit subjects include ships from the United States, Russia, and Japanese navies along with ship from the Japanese Coast Guard. Along with fine kits, Pit-Road also gives us a new Imperial Japanese Navy World War II ship in resin. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new from Japan.
  • Saratoga
Do you want to do a pre-war aircraft carrier without all the scratch building? Pit-Road announces, that in a joint development with Trumpeter, the release of their CV-3 USS Saratoga 1936 with PE set. The kit provided airwing includes nine each F3F, BFC, and SBUs and six LSN-1. The kit also features the option of full hull or waterline. Retail cost will be $41.82
  • 700th_new_orleans
Are you a cruiser fanatic? Well then this should interest you. Pit-Road and Trumpeter have teamed up again to bring the ship modeler two new World War II USN cruisers, the USS New Orleans and the USS Astoria. Both of these kits have the option of full hull or waterline. At this time, it is undetermined as to which manufacturer will release these kits. Retail cost will be $31.36
  • hoodbadge
Much has been made of the tragic end to the mighty HMS Hood. Hood’s final configuration is a popular subject with ship modelers. But the legend of this mighty battlecruiser goes far beyond the Denmark Strait. Pit-Road Models in partnership with Trumpeter, proudly introduces the release of their 1/700 1931 HMS Hood. This injection molded kit, which gives the modeler the choice of full hull or waterline, will retail for $36.98.
  • hibiki_1
News from Japan. Pit-Road Models proudly announces the release of their 1/700 IJN DD Hibiki w/Photo Etched Parts. This nicely detailed 1/700 model is of the IJN destroyer Hibiki as she appeared in 1945. Pit-Road gives the modeler a variety of choices when building this kit.Can be built as either a full-hull or waterline model, as well as a pre- or post-upgrade version. This release also includes a fret of photo-etched metal detail parts.
  • tachikaze1
Are you a fan of JMSDF ships? If you are, then Pit-Road Models has a deal for you. Pit-Road takes an innovative approach to ship modeling in offering three different upgrades of the 1/700 JMSDF DDG-168 Tachikaze. No matter your skill level or price range, Pit-Road has a version for you.
  • North_Carolina
Pit-Road Models sends us interesting news about their upcoming 1/700 releases. Launch a daring attack or patrol the South and Central Pacific with the USS Hornet CV-8, USS North Carolina (1944 fit) and the USS The Sullivans.
  • IJN_decals
Are you wanting to build a particular Japanese navy ship but don’t have the markings for it? Pit-Road Models has released another “model project saver” in their 1/700 decal series, this time Japanese Navy Decal Set.
  • 700th_aircraft_decals
Has this ever happened to you? You are finally getting that chance to build your favorite 1/700 aircraft carrier and you’re wanting to give it a full compliment of planes. You scrape together all the necessary types of aircraft only to realize that the decals have gone bad or, even worse, they’re missing! Don’t panic. Pit-Road Models has released the latest in their 1/700 decal series, WW2 Aircraft Decals Set.
News to you? Pit-Road Models offers the scale modeler a very interesting selection of 1/700 White Metal Aircraft and Vehicles. These kits accessories will compliment all types of ships and lend themselves to a variety of diorama possibilities.

News in from Pit-Road Models, of three new photo-etch upgrade sets, in a combined effort with Gold Medal Models, all in 1/700 scale.
Ahoy mates! Every month, Pit-Road Models gives the modeler two nice computer wallpapers, one with a calendar and the other without.
Escort the mighty Japanese Navy with these two new upgraded destroyers fro Pit-Road Models. Providing the modeler with the most value for their money, the 1/700 destroyers IJN Hibiki and IJN Izkazuchi upgrades the standard kit with a nice photo etch fret.
Pit-Road Models sends us news of their latest release, the 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinyo 1944.

Pit-Road Models sends us news of three very interesting Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force releases.

Pit-Road sends us news of two interesting additions to their aftermarket line.

Pit-Road sends us news of a future release, the French Navy Battle Ship “JEAN BART 1955”.

Pit-Road sends us an early announcement of two new additions to their 1/700 scale full hull warship kits, IJN Destroyer Yugumo and IJN Destroyer Kagerou.
News from Pit-Road.

Future release of the 1/700 IJN Fubuki.
Harry Abbott, owner/operator of Battlefleet Models gives up a tip on a new release by Pit-Road in patrnership with Trumpeter.
Pit-Road breaks into the 1/350 ship category with the modern Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Aegis Destroyer Kongo.
  • CVE-105_CommencementBay
News in from Pit-Road Models of their latest full resin/white metal kit addition, USN ESCORT CARRIER "COMMENCEMENT BAY", in 1/700 scale.
News in to the MSW News Desk!
Three exciting new releases, all in 1/700 scale plastic injection, J.M.S.D.F. subjects from Pit Road Models!
Pit-Road Models sends us an advance announcement featuring two exciting looking USN Amphibious ship offerings in 1/700 scale injection!
News in to the MSW Newsdesk!
Pit-Road Models sends us news and images of some of their upcoming releases!
News in from across the pond at Pit Road Models, some exciting joint venture projects to be released this month.
NEWS in from across the pond, exclusive new images of TEN new A/M accessory kits, brought to you from the partnership of Lionroar/Pit Road Models!
Pit Road Models sends us advance news of two interesting October releases!
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NEWS and Images in to the MSW News desk!

Details of 9 new aftermarket accessory sets froma joint venture between Pit-Road and Trumpeter Models!
Here's a News Story of two very interesting new additions to Pit Road Models line of submarine subjects, plus news of a new carrier kit offering in 1/700 scale resin!
Some interesting News from Pit-Road of two Patrol Boat future releases!
Here's four interesting early summer releases from Pit Road!
Pit-Road has been on a roll of late and has released many new warship kits for ship builders to salivate over. The folks at Hobby-Link Japan are reporting on a new USS Arizona (BB39) kit. You can read that story here. And there are several other kits of note.
  • move
Pit-Road has announced the January 2018 release of a 1/700 scale rendition of the JMSDF Multipurpose Destroyer (DEX)