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Seam Line Removal, 101

"Scott Taylor (RedComet) shares the first in a series of articles of general modeling tips and techniques, Step-by-Step style, that he has written and developed. This first one, Seam Line Removal 101, covers the basics of smoothing and removing the un-sightly seam lines when joining two pieces of plastic together, and can be used in all genres of the hobby

Removing seam lines from your built kits is pivotal in the overall finish of a model. Manufacturers have always had a habit of putting seams where they are most visible on a kit, hence a need to remove them from view. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate 3 different methods I use to remove seam lines from my kits.

What you will need :
1.) The piece you are planning on removing the seams from.
2.) Sanding supplies. In this case, I have a fine nail file and some sanding pads (1500 and 1800 grit to be specific).
3.) Some glue to join the parts.
4.) Some basic type putty to act as a filler / leveller for those bad joins.
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