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Athens Show 2006

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the show
With more than 300 historical figures, busts and vignettes being entered, participation in the show was tremendous. The painting quality of figures in both the Standard and Master Classes was extremely high, which made judging very difficult.

Some of the figures in the Master Class were of the latest figure releases, painted for the boxart of many figure companies. The Standard Class included some incredible conversions and scratch built figures. The figures of the judge panel were displayed next to the competing figures.

Apart from the historical figures, some fantasy and sci-fi figures and vignettes, AFVs, dioramas and masterpieces from Greek junior miniaturists, between the ages of 6 and 10 years old, were also on display.

More than 300 photos of the Athens Show can be found in the Athens Figure Show 2006 Photo Album. These photographs were taken by Star Club member and the “Judge Dredd” of the judges’ panel, Christos Apostolopoulos – whom we thank for his immense effort.

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