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Athens Show 2006

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the workshops
A painting workshop was performed by Pietro Balloni, master painter of Pegaso Models on the second day of the show. Using the head of a 120 mm Julius Caesar figure, he explained and demonstrated his “oils over acrylics technique”. Under the guidance of Balloni, some 7-8 painters practiced the technique with the same heads donated by Pegaso while spectators observed. Opening the floor to the public, Maestro Balloni patiently answered both general historical miniature painting and personal questions to the appreciation and satisfaction of all.

The third day was dominated by Costas Rodopoulos’ groundwork demonstration; Costas shared his creativity and experience with modelers. He demonstrated creating a base for a 54mm miniature containing: sculpted groundwork of epoxy putty; making dirt; painting; vegetation and rocks; and a fascinating “water in 90 seconds” technique.

Both workshops were exceptionally constructive for modelers of all skill levels from beginner to master.

the awards
The award ceremony was preceded by a club lottery, in which many modelers won high quality resin and metal figures, historical and military books.

Following this, the Junior Category awards were presented to young painters, all of whom are announced as winners. This fantastic motivational initiative succeeds by creating a sense pride, accomplishment, enthusiasm for their hobby.

The Standard and Master Classes were judged using the “Open System”, in that painters are judged for their selected figures and displays. Other than the Athens Show awards, some companies and clubs including Armorama presented awards and gifts to painters. Armorama members like Major_Goose, zwan, aiantas, Kisifer and Sirius won numerous awards and certificates. A full list of winners will be added once officially announced by The Star Club.

The 2006 Athens Show was a well organized event with: a high number of quality entries; useful figure painting and groundwork workshops; enjoyable activities like the club dinner of traditional Greek cuisine; vendors’ area; awards ceremony; and late-night activities for international guests.

Our thanks and congratulations go to The Star Club for a well-run and very enjoyable event.
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About Engin Kayral (Graywolf)

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