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  Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Occupation: mechanical engineer
Interests: family, trumpet playing and history
USERNAME: Antilles


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1945 Campaign award:
China-Burma-India Campaign Ribbon: This ribbons signifies that this person completed the 2016-17 China-Burma-India Campaign
Double Trouble WWII Twins: This award signifies that the owner has completed a build in the Double Trouble WWII Twin Engine Campaign
Edgar Brooks Memorial Spitfire Campaign Award: RAF DFC ribbon with E.B. on it in gold
Jeeps! Campaign: Campaign ribbon awarded for successful completion of the Jeeps! campaign.
Lockheed campaign ribbon: for completion of the Lockheed Air and Space campaign
MTO Campaign Award: This ribbon signifies that the recipient has successfully completed the MTO Campaign
PAX and Pallets campaign ribbon: Recipient has completed a model in accordance with the campaign theme.
PTO Campaign ribbon: This award signifies the recipient has completed the Pacific Theater of Operations Campaign in honor of the 75th anniversary of WWII
Rotor RPM is life: This award signifies this individual has successfully completed the Rotor RPM is life campaign.
Schwalbe - Me 262 Campaign 2015: This ribbon is presented in recognition of a completed build in the 2015 Schwalbe Me 262 Campaign
Vietnam War 50 Campaign: This award signifies that the recipient has completed the Vietnam War 50 Campaign
Western Front/ETO Campaign Award: This award signifies the recipient has completed the Western Front/ETO Campaign
Yachts with Wings award badge: