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About Us
Model Shipwrights, a new site in the KitMaker Network, is an interactive community site with over 75,753 registered users. This site was launched in April of 2006, but was originally the ship section of Armorama, one of the biggest scale modeling sites on the Internet.

The plan is for this new site to become as much an online hub for ship builders as Armorama has become for other military scale modeling projects. We can't do that without your help and interaction though. So please take a moment to look around, signup if you haven't already created an account on Armorama or the KitMaker Network. And if you have that login will work here just fine.

We are always interested in user contributions of photos, articles, reviews or anything you feel your fellow modelers might be interested in. In many ways this is YOUR site. It is not the work of one person or even a small handful. And that is the way we like it.

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Our Staff

Todd Michalak, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
Todd is the father of two beautiful young teenage girls and has been married since 1995. He works in Natural Hazards (blows stuff up) engineering of a global HRP global insurance company. He has been an a modeler on and off throughout his life but has been mostly consistent since 2008. Todd has had several of his works published in various magazines and continues to build models, write articles and create step by step guides to help fellow modellers.

Tim is married with four kids and works as a regional workforce policy advisor for the State of California. His enthusiasm for history and model building go back to childhood: I remember my first visit to the San Francisco Maritime Museum as a kid... the ship models there just blew me away! He has written numerous articles for modeling magazines and is a frequent blogger; in addition to building, Tim's favorite part of the hobby is sharing the history and techniques he discovers with other modelers.

Please add bio here...

I have written professionally for many years, and hope to use those skills to help with the review copy for Armorama. My personal interests are World War II German armor and aircraft, and I have spent some time studying a few vehicles and aircraft in detail (Sd.Kfz.7 and BF-110 G-4). I work in the marketing world, and enjoy my hobby time as a way to keep from having to be scraped off the wall at the end of the week.