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Tamiya of Japan has released an acrylic display case for ship models.
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A lot of WWII carrier modelers were very pleased with Tamiya's waterline CV-3 Saratoga release last year. Now for this year a limited edition kit of 'Sister Sara 'with PE detail is coming this July.
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Tamiya surfaces it’s I-400 kit again, this time with new features in a limited edition release.
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Announced for an end of July release, a waterline kit version of this ship with a complement of TBD torpedo bombers, SBD dive bombers and F4 fighters.
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Tamiya Models has the upcoming release of their new 1/700 USS Yorktown. This new release will round out Tamiya’s Yorktown class model line, having already release the Enterprise and Hornet.
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Tamiya has announced the release of a new 1/350 IJN Utility Boat set to go with their new Yamato. And, because many of the Japanese Navy ships used the same craft, the modeler can use this set to dress up any of the available 1/350 IJN subjects out there.
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Tamiya has announced a spectacular all-newly-tooled model kit of the IJN battleship Yamato, in massive 1/350 scale! This is not a re-tooling of their previous kit in the same scale, but a completely all-new tooling of the famous Japanese battleship.
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  • Tamiya IJN Mogami Initial
  • Tamiya Degaussing Cable Set
  • Tamiya Mogami
  • Tamiya Mogami
Tamiya have announced the release of their upcoming kitset of the 1./350th IJN Mogami .

Please join me in viewing the current information and images.

The expected release date is mid February and the suggested retail price is approximately US$119.00.
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Tamiya have announced the release of their 1/350 IJN Yukikaze . As with most of the more recent kitset releases this kit will incorporate many features including photoetch and metal chains. The release date has yet to be advised however the retail price has - US$91.00.
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Hot off the press from our overseas news desk, Tamiya announces their upcoming 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Premium Set . Details of this kit are sketchy right now, but it appears that Tamiya will offer this set Japanese aircraft carriers as they did with their Battle of Malaya and Pearl Harbor Raiders sets. For those fans of Kido Butai and the ships that followed, this set is a must. More details to follow as the become available.
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As announced in an earlier news story, Tamiya is releasing plastic figures for your 1/350 ship kits. Here is a detailed photo of what these new figures will look like.
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News and images in from Tamiya Models,, of some very interesting looking figures in 1/350 scale injection mold plastic, to further enhance and add realism to your builds!
  • vosper
Digging in to the archives, Tamiya Models announces that they will re-release the 1/72 Vosper Fast Patrol Boat Perkasa. Originally released as a motorized model, this Vosper Fast Patrol Boat will be sold as a static display model kit. This popular classic retains all of it nicely molded detail and will build into a fine replica of this legendary maker’s patrol boat.
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Tamiya Models follows up their Pearl Harbor box sets with the new Battle of Malaya Box Set. This set focuses on the infamous voyage of Force Z on December 8, 1941. Featuring Tamiya’s new HMS Repulse and HMAS Vampire, the kit contains everything to portray the fateful moment in which the Japanese Navy attacked Force Z in route to Singapore. The set will retail for $92.63 USD.
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Tamiya Models sends us news of their latest 1/700 offering, the HMAS Vampire. This brand new waterline kit represents the Vampire as she was when she sailed with Force Z on their infamous 1941 cruise. The kit features positional gun mounts and torpedo tubes along with a quality decal sheet. The Vampire will retail for $18.50
  • Pearl_Harbor_Attack_Carrier_Escort_Set
In June, MSW brought you news of Tamiya’s collaboration with two other Shizuoka-based hobby companies, Aoshima and Hasegawa to release the ultimate Pearl Harbor Attackers set containing all six of the IJN carriers involved in the December 7 attack. Well, it is my pleasure to say that these companies have done it again. The new set contains all of the escort ships that sailed with the aircraft carriers. Included in this set is the battleships Hiei and Kirishima and all of the submarines complete with their midget subs. All together, this will make a very impressive display
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At this year’s Tokyo Hobby Show, Tamiya Models announced the release of their Japanese Light Cruiser Abukuma and HMS Repulse. That made ship modelers very happy. But Tamiya also debuted a new paint color that will make acrylic users happy also. Due out in November, it’s no coincidence that Tamiya’s British Navy Gray was introduced at the same time as their Repulse.
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Tamiya Models will be announcing two new additions to their "Waterline Series" this month at the Tokyo Hobby Show, images of the models at this time are not available, but we do have the details and some pre-production box-art to share!
Tamiya Models sends us news of two very interesting limited edition releases, the 1/300 IJN Yugumo and Yukikaze with submarine motor.
Tamiya offers a big box full of history! IJN Aircraft Carriers, “Pearl Harbor Attack” Set.
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Here's a sample photo image "inbox preview" of Tamiya Models new Japanese Navy Submarine I-400.

NEWS in from Tamiya Models of an interesting new summer release, in 1/350 scale plastic, Japanese Navy Submarine I-400.
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NEWS in from Tamiya Models, of an early summer re-issue of an interesting Japanese vessel, the "Japan Torpedo Boat PT-15", in 1/72 scale plastic.
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Here's a new kit "sneak peek" image spotlight on Tamiya Models Limited Edition, Japanese Battleship Yamato Special Package, in 1/350 scale plastic.
Originally released at the end of March, 07, this kit is currently available now, with a MSRP of $65.00 US.
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News in from Tamiya Models, of a very interesting and most welcome addition to their 1/700 scale Water-line Series, the "British E Class Destroyer "!
News from the far east, Tamiya Models has introduced another fine addition to their "Waterline Series" of plastic ship model kits, this time it's the 1/700 scale, "The Kumano", Japanese Light Cruiser.
Upcoming new release from Tamiya, the German Destroyer Z Class - (Z37-39) "Project Barbara"
Tamiya has re-issued the Japanese Light Cruiser Kumano in 1:700 waterline form. I am unsure of wether this is an exact re-issue or has been re-tooled in any way. The old kit number was 31313 and the new number is 31344.