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Kurohime Maru

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Note from Jim...
Firstly, let me say that my models of the freighters and tramp steamers of the Japanese Empire are my representations.
Data, plans and other details are not readily available in the West and are therefore trawled from photos on various websites and reference books in my possession.
Kurohime Maru
The ship:
Originally laid down as World War I standard ‘H’ type ‘War Parsee’ at Russell & Co Lithgows yard, Port Glasgow – planned as a tanker.
However she was completed as a dry cargo ship ‘Bogstad’ for a Norwegian company – launched May 20, 1920 and only became ‘Kurohime Maru’ in 1924.
She was operated by Kurohime Kisen until her loss
Gross Tonnage 4697 Tons
Deadweight: 8000 Tons
Waterline length (B.P.) 385 feet
Beam 52 feet
Draft (loaded) 25 feet
Normal cruising speed 9 knots

Kurohime Maru was torpedoed March 30, 1943 by USS Tuna at location 00.22S/146.46E

The model:
The donor model for Kurohime Maru was the Loose Cannon ‘Dayrose’ which had very similar dimensions and the correct layout of the well decks. The major changes to the model were revisions to ventilator sizes & numbers, addition of a rear deckhouse (Evergreen plastic), masts replaced by brass rod and hull lining and Japanese flag decals added.

The colour scheme used by me is speculative – steel decks were painted a variety of colours throughout the world – crimson was not unknown!

You will note that there are 2 sequences of photos – 1 as built and 2, after the addition of the hull livery line – hence the slight change in sea state.

The sea base is artist watercolour paper over an MDF base, painted with acrylics (phalo blue/black mix plus phalo green and white highlights). Bow wave and wake are acrylic gel medium.

Jim S
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Neat conversion! I'm always amazed at the ingenuity displayed when you guys do your various conversions! I never would have thought of that!
MAR 20, 2009 - 07:32 AM
very different, and very good! Thanks for sharing
MAR 20, 2009 - 09:59 AM
hi jim, very nice...the photos and details. impressive work. thanks for sharing. ed
MAR 23, 2009 - 01:10 PM