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1:350 USS Saratoga CV-3

1:350 uss saratoga

Here’s Martin J Quinn’s (MartinJQuinn) backdating/conversion of the Trumpeter 1:350 Lexington to a 1939/1940 era USS Saratoga.

The island (except for the spotting top) and 8 inch guns are resin copies from BWN Lexington. The photo-etch is a combination of the GMM Lexington and the YMW Back-date sets. Planes are ISW and Trumpeter (TBD's only).

Martin ended up buying the YMW backdate set too - but just for the PE (and ended up using a couple of the resin parts too). The regular PE was Gold Medal - he used it on his Lexington build and it's a great set.

The Air Wing is composed by 3 Buffalos, 3 Helldivers, 3 Vindicators and 6 Devastators. The ISW planes are rough, but workable.

The flight deck was easy - Martin just cut it to match the curve of the hull and sanded it flush!

The model was delivered to the Battleship New Jersey Museum on Wednesday November 2, 2005. It will be part of a display highlighting ships built at the now defunct New York Shipbuilding Corporation.

NYSC was located a few hundred feet downriver from where the NJ museum is located.
history and details

The fifth Saratoga (CV 3) was laid down on 25 September 1920 as Battle Cruiser #3 by the New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, N.J.; ordered converted to an aircraft carrier and reclassified CV-3 on 1 July 1922 in accordance with the Washington Treaty limiting naval armaments. The ship was launched on 7 April 1925, sponsored by Mrs. Curtis D. Wilbur, wife of the Secretary of the Navy; and commissioned on 16 November 1927, Capt. Harry E. Yarnell in command.

Saratoga, the first fast carrier in the United States Navy, quickly proved the value of her type. She sailed from Philadelphia on 6 January 1928 for shakedown, and, on 11 January, her air officer, the future World War II hero, Marc A. Mitscher, landed the first aircraft on board. In an experiment on 27 January, the rigid airship Los Angeles (ZR-3) moored to Saratoga's stern and took on fuel and stores. The same day Saratoga sailed for the Pacific via the Panama Canal. She was diverted briefly between 14 and 16 February to carry Marines to Corinto, Nicaragua, and finally joined the Battle Fleet at San Pedro, Calif., on 21 February. The rest of the year was spent in training and final machinery shakedown.

Please check the online resources link to read about her full history and for some extraordinary pictures

Displacement: 33,000 tons
Length: 888 feet
Beam: 106 feet
Draft: 24 feet 1½ inches
Speed: 33.91 knots
Complement: 2111 crew
Armament: 8 eight-inch and 12 five-inch guns, and 4 six-pounders
Aircraft: 81
Class: Lexington

online resources


  • USS Saratoga 15
    In progress shot of the Funnel
  • USS Saratoga 18
  • USS Saratoga 17
    Guns, bridge and funnel area
  • USS Saratoga 16
    Funnel area and open elevator
  • USS Saratoga 19
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 01
    USS Saratoga next to the ships class leader USS Lexington
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 02
    Almost done!
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 05
    Note the Buffaloes, Guns, Bridge and Funnel detail
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 04
    Note the Buffaloes, Guns, Bridge and Funnel detail
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 06
    Hull beautifull lines
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 07
    Distinctive superstucture and massive funnel
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 08
    Stern view
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 10
    Overal top view
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 09
    Helldivers, Vindicators and Devastators and Buffaloe's (not shown in this picture) make the Airwing
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 12
    Birdeye view
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 11
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 14
  • 1/350 USS Saratoga 13
    Funnel and Bridge details

About the Author

About Martin J Quinn (MartinJQuinn)

Living in Northern New Jersey, USA. I have a 19 year old son in high school and a forever 9 year old daughter in heaven. I've been modeling since I was about 6 years old - my father and I put together my first model. After several builds, he had enough, while I never stopped building. ...


Just to let you know that five more in progress shots were added! Thanks Skipper
NOV 08, 2005 - 12:01 AM
Very very nice Martin! Nice clean build. I really like the way your flight deck came out as well as the aircraft. Overall the whole model was well executed. Steve
NOV 21, 2005 - 06:13 AM
I also think this was an excellent job. Those in progress shots look so odd without the black stripe. It must really be something to know your work is on display at such a place.
NOV 21, 2005 - 08:59 AM