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Stridsvagn Strv-103C

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Here is what jasper has to say about this build:

I would like to share some pictures of my latest build, Trumpeters 1:35 Stridsvagn Strv-103C. This is without a doubt the most unusual MBT I have ever built. This Swedish design has a fixed gun instead of a turret, to accommodate an autoloader and to lower the silhouette of the vehicle. To aim the gun, the design uses hydropneumatic suspension. I replicated this feature in my model with some scratchbuilding. To add some detail to the somewhat basic Trumpeter kit, I added an RB Models barrel and an Eduard PE set. To display the model with it's iconic suspension system at work, I made a simple diorama.
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About the Author

About Jasper Breur (Jasperb12)

Iím an amateur modeller interested in Cold War and modern subjects, mainly Dutch and other NATO subjects. I build both aircraft and AFVs, although mostly AFVs. I also post a lot of pictures about my hobby and progress on my projects on my Instagram page jaspers_models


VERY NICELY DONE, Jasper! it's very refreshing to see something like this project!
JAN 27, 2019 - 07:11 PM
Really unusual vehicle and camo. Thanks for sharing.
JAN 28, 2019 - 07:51 AM
Great build and awesome camo scheme! What color and brand did you use for the green color?
JAN 28, 2019 - 07:57 PM
I've always loved the S-tanks and thought that they would be so incredibly hard to successfully engage with its impressively- sloping armour. The late variant you built is really cool.
JAN 29, 2019 - 06:47 AM
Thank you very much Dennis! Glad you like it, it is a change from the more traditional armour subject for sure!
JAN 30, 2019 - 08:19 AM
Thank you Bill! The Swedes really have an eye-catcher with this one
JAN 30, 2019 - 08:20 AM
Thanks a lot Bill! The light green colour is Vallejo Game Air 72.732 (Verde Escorpena). I wouldn't recommend it though. Although it makes for an interesting contrast, it's completely innacurate. Another thing is that the paint dried to an almost gel-like finish, making it impossible to gloss coat or even weather. The other colours are AK Real Color RC080 and RC082, and Vallejo Model Air 71.024 mixed with Ak Interactive AK730. Jasper
JAN 30, 2019 - 08:24 AM
Thank you Frank! Although the Leopard will always be my favourite tank, the Stridsvagn is starting to grow on me, especially the C version with it's jerrycans and camouflage. You can clearly see the tank was designed with a cold-war gone hot scenario in mind, the sloping makes it perfect for a hull-down defensive position, especially in combination with the hydropneumatic suspension system. The Swedes did live-firing test on the Stridsvagn and the results were quite impressive if I recall correctly. Jasper
JAN 30, 2019 - 08:29 AM