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IJN Noshiro Detail Set
Hasagawa IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro Detail Up Parts Super
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by: David Foster [ ROLLTIDE31 ]


This review of the Hasagawa IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro Detail Up Parts Super is a continuation of the previous review of the Hasagawa 1/350 IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro Kit. This Detail Up Parts Super provides replacement parts for some of the “clunky” parts found within the kit itself. It will provide the modeler with the ability to upgrade what is already an outstanding kit. Unfortunately, the kit I received was damaged in shipment but that damage does not prevent me from providing the review.


There are three major sub-assemblies provided in the kit. Details are provided below.

Name Plate: The Detail Up Part kit provides a beautiful aluminum ship name plate which will upgrade any display stand the modeler chooses.

Brass Barrels: The Detail Up Parts kit provide six turned brass barrels for the Noshiro’s three main guns. The brass is nicely turned with minimal scratch marks. One drawback to these barrels is that they are not hollow and have only a slight depression in the front opening.

PE Fret: This kit provides one PE Fret which contains PE parts for upgrading the IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro kit. The majority of PE parts are for the Flight Deck, including the side support braces and the supporting lattice work underneath the Flight Deck. The completed lattice work will provide a great deal of improvement over the original kit part.

There are a few things included in the kit that I want to highlight. The first are three different guides for mounting the PE life boat supports. One for the 12m Launch, one for the 9m Motor Boat, and one for the 9m Cutter. These guides will come in handy to ensure that the supports are properly placed.

The second are the additional details for the lifeboats contained in the kit. These PE parts include rudders, life rafts, and railings which will improve upon the already high detail of the kit life boats.

The last items include PE screws for the spare torpedoes contained in the original kit. While minor, these impressed upon me the level that Hasagawa will go to provide detailed parts for their kits.


While the Hasagawa IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro Detail Up Parts Super is limited in parts provided they are made from sturdy brass and will stand up to being handed. More importantly these PE parts will provide a greater improvement over the original kit parts and result in an extremely detailed finished product. I highly recommend this kit for the builder who decides to add the IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro to their IJN Fleet.

Model Shipwrights would like to thank Dave Foster for providing his review of the Hasagawa IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro Detail Up Parts Super
Highs: Very sturdy, provides an improved level of detail over the original kit parts.
Lows: Limited parts in the kit. Must purchase Hasagawa kit QG37 and QG38 (Agano Class Detail Parts) to include all available PE.
Verdict: Highly recommend the IJN Light Cruiser Noshiro PE set, will provide an upgrade to what is already a great kit. The percentage rating is based on the need to purchase additional kits.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 40085
  Suggested Retail: $153.00
  Related Link: 1/350 IJN Light Crusier Noshiro Metal Parts Limite
  PUBLISHED: May 17, 2015
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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$153? Are you sure you didn't make a typo there?
MAY 17, 2015 - 05:37 PM
LOL...don't think that is a typo Timothy. Looks to be the MSRP for the set. A quick look around found the set, albeit still a bit pricy, around $100 to $110.
MAY 17, 2015 - 05:53 PM
Yep and if you go the Hasegawa route then you also have to add the Basic A and B sets as what you get in the Super doesn't include them.
MAY 17, 2015 - 06:34 PM
Timothy, I found the MSRP from the scalehobbyist.com website. They are available cheaper but it is a steep price for what comes in the kit and at Luciano mentions, you still need to purchase the Agano A & B kit to make it complete.
MAY 17, 2015 - 11:23 PM

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