Book Review
Destroyer Escorts in Action

by: Jacob Walker [ REDNECK ]


During WWII the American navy created the destroyer escorts to protect shipping and battle the German U-boats in the Atlantic.
With over 565 built these ships would be used throughout WWII, Korea, and the Cold War and join the service of many navies around the world.

Information and layout:

The Introduction of the book goes over the history and creation of the Destroyer Escorts. Following that the book is then has six sections each talking and showing
pictures of one of each class of destroyer escorts: The Evarts, Buckley, Cannon, Edsall, Rudderow and John C. Butler class ships.
Each section gives a summary of the class followed by and general information. The captions of the pictures also give information on the class as well as pacific ships.
The last two sections of the book talk about APD conversions (Fast Attack Transports) and DER conversions (Destroyer Escorts, Radar) of some of the ships in there later years.


This book has many pictures of destroyer escorts. Almost every page has at least one picture. All of the pictures provide information on the ships shown.
All pictures are black and white showing a variety of destroyer escorts. A few of these pictures are also of ship designs leading up to the creation of destroyer escorts as well as
conversions made to the ships in later years.
There are also many detailed drawings of the weapons used on these ships. The book also includes technical drawings of two classes of destroyer escorts: The Evarts Class and the John C. Butler Class.
In the middle of the book are the usual double page with colored drawings showing six ships in a variety of camouflage measures. The front and back cover also show colored drawings of the ships.


The book is well laid out and provides a lot of pictures and information on destroyer escorts.
I do wish Squadron had provided a little more information on the individual ships but the many pictures make up for it.
Squadrons Destroyers Escorts in Action is a good book for anyone interested in these ships.
Written by Al Adcock and illustrated by Don Greer Squadrons 11th Warships book “Destroyer Escorts in Action” provides a great source of pictures and information.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 15, 2006
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Good review, Jacob, Thanks for the efforts, mate! Keep Modeling! ~Gunny
DEC 22, 2006 - 05:33 AM
Hi Jacob, Nice revirew. If I start looking at Destroyers who knows where it might end :-) :-) :-) Merry Christmas. Cheers Al
DEC 22, 2006 - 01:20 PM
Thanks for getting it up Skipper. Thanks for the comments. I hope you guys find it useful.
DEC 22, 2006 - 09:19 PM

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