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Imperial Japanese Navy Mikasa
Seals Models
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by: Frank Portela [ CLANKY44 ]

  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-002

"The Seals Models 700th scale offering is possibly one of the finest waterline models I have ever come across. This MSW "first look" review takes a closer look at this kit."

In 2000, this little known company released a superb 700th scale Mikasa model. The model consists of four sprues of light gray plastic.

Sprue A provides the two hull halves and the deck. All three parts have very fine detailing that is seldom seen in 700th scale injection plastic kits.

Sprue B provides the components necessary to build up the front and rear bridge decks, along with the upper superstructure housing the life boats, and the funnel assemblies.

Sprue C (2) provides the remaining parts: the 12”guns and turrets, the 6” casemate guns, life boats, ventilators, supports, booms, anchors, davits, range finders, and searchlights. All are in fine detail with no flash.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind with this model. The plastic is very soft, so be very careful when cutting and sanding. The mast assemblies might be best redone in brass, which will stand up better to the rigors of rigging. The boat deck and funnel framing assembly (part B-21) is designed in a manner which will leave the battery gun interior visible, this must be painted prior to the assembly of any of the cutter and life boats.

The instructions are given in Japanese only, but have very clear and concise numerical diagrams which should not give you any problems. In progress painting suggestions are given per stage, while in Japanese, they tend to stand out by the colour paint number assigned to it. The box art on the cover and the well detailed views of the Mikasa on the back of the box will give you the necessary reference for painting, whether you chose to paint her Yellow Sea two tone gray or her overall dark gray for the battle of Tsushima.

The Seals Models 700th scale offering is possibly one of the finest waterline models I have ever come across. This MSW "First Look" review takes a closer look at this kit.
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  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: SMO-001-3800
  Suggested Retail: $45 CDN
  PUBLISHED: May 13, 2008
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-001
    IJN Mikasa Photo
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-003
    Box back - painting guide (for Battle of Tsushima (or Sea of Japan) and for Battle of Yellow Sea)
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-011
    Decks, Funnels, main guns parts sprue
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-012
    Small Parts Sprue
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-006
    Deck detail - stern
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-00
    Hull detail - Bow
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-008
    Hull detail (midship)
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-010
    Stern Detail
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-004
    Hull and deck parts
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-005
    Bow detail - deck
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-007
    Deck Detail (midship)
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-014
    Instruction Sheet 04
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-013
    Instruction Sheet 01
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-016
    Instruction Sheet 03
  • SealsModels-IJN_Mikasa-015
    Instruction Sheet 02