In-Box Review
1/72 Schnellboot S-100 PE Set
Griffon Model 1/72 WW II German Schnellboot S-100 Class Premium Detail Set
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


The Revell S-100 1/72 model sure is an interesting object to be desired.
However, even being a fabulous kit, it has some flaws and inaccuracies involved.
Since ever I first heard about Griffon Models I noticed their line of enhancement parts for the Revell kit.
Looking at the manufacturer site reveals breathtaking images. For this I needed to find out myself how well the parts in the picture will compare in reality.

So, I ordered the Premium set and the following is the result ...

The Box…

The set comes in a folded but sturdy box. One finds some pictures of the included parts attached to the Revell model on the front side of the box.

The backside provides a list of the content as well as a photo reproduction of all included parts.

... and what is inside ...

The Content…

After opening the box the model builder is confronted with a well filled box. The parts are inside many clear plastic bags. This is good news, since I recently ordered some expensive after market parts for another project only to find it was half broken due to bad packaging to start with.
The bottom inside the box holds well sized and soft foam plastic to secure the content.

The Torpedo Body…

The Torpedo Body is made out of aluminum. As far I checked, size and dimensions are spot on for a G7a torpedo.

Bag 1…

Honestly, sorting all the frets into something related to each building step was not within my possibilities since I was afraid to damage something in the process. After all, this is not a cheap kit. For this, I opened and got pictures of the content of each clear plastic bag.

Bag 2…

Anyone just having even a short look at the various frets will find them quiet interesting. Just do not look longer than 2 seconds or the magic will catch you and you end up like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Not willing to let your treasure go!.
At least that is what happened to me. The PE parts are not only delicate but also superbly done. It is breathtaking in every aspect.

Bag 3…

Bag 3 contained 3 frets.

In case there should be anyone doubting the reported quality, I included two close-up photos out of this bag for you to judge.

Bag 4…

Bag 4 holds 6 frets of different size.

One of those frets consists not of brass but of nickel silver.

Two more detailed photos out of this bag should convince everyone.

Bag 5…

There are some correctly shaped vents as well as a machine gun made out of resin.

Bag 6…

Bag 6 provides the muzzle for the different types of guns and some other small metal parts.

Bag 7…

Finishing our roundup comes bag 7 which provides some wires in different thickness and some round plastic rod.

The Instructions…

The Instructions are provided on letter sized paper. Looking at them reveals that this premium set consists of 4 different enhancement sets sold otherwise separately.
12 pages provide all a model builder will need to accomplish his task. The instructions are in English language as well, superbly and clearly printed and easy to read and follow.

As you may have noticed I did not detail each and any part of a specific fret.

Bear with me since it would take me ages to tell what some pictures might tell you in a fraction of time.

For this, I included the full instructions for you to study. As a summery find the following list the manufacturer provided on his site:

This 1/72 super full detail set includes:
- Photo-etched Frets x 14
- Resin Foredeck Cowl Vent x 2
- Resin Main Body for Bow 2cm MG C/38 x 1
- Turned Aluminum 53.3cm Torpedo G7a x 2
- Turned Brass Barrel for 2cm MG C/38 x 3
- Turned Brass Barrel for 3.7cm Flak M42 x 1
- Film x 1
- Auxiliary Material: Styrene Rod, Copper Wire
- Suitable for REVELL kit 05051

Detail Summary:
- 2 x Turned Aluminum 1/72 53.3cm Torpedo G7a with Rich Detail
- Totally Rework Amidships Engine Room Deckhouse to Re-create Arc-Shape Roof
- 1 x Resin Main Body for Bow 2cm MG C/38 to Replace the Totally Wrong Shape Plastic Parts
- 2 x Resin Foredeck Cowl Vent to Replace the Wrong Shape Plastic Parts
- Provide Turned Brass Barrel for 2cm MG C/38 & 3.7cm Flak M42
- Rework Bow Flak Tube Cover
- Provide the Option to Rework the Port/Starboard Torpedo Tube Door Open
- Armored Bridge for Distinct S-100 Class Second Type Kalotte (Skull Cap Bridge Covering) w/Hinged Armored Doors for Wheelhouse
- Add Rich Details inside the Bridge
- Optional Mast with FuMB24 & FuMB32 Radar Detector Antenna
- Add Rich Details on the Port/Starboard Torpedo Tube Rear Section
- Detailed Mine Rails/Depth Charges Rack/Extra Torpedo Cradles
- Add Details on the Vent Holes of the Ventilation Trunks
- Totally Rework 3.7cm Flak M42 w/Optional 2 Types of Folding Gun Shield

Result and Conclusion…

Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive kit to turn your model of the Revell S-100 Schnellboot into a gem.
Admitted, this set is quiet costly but you get real value for your money and save a lot of research as well. Highly recommended.
Highs: Great detail set. Makes a good base kit even batter.
Lows: High cost
Verdict: Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: GRMBPN72001
  Suggested Retail: 109.00
  PUBLISHED: Jun 24, 2009

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