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Russian Koreets Gunboat
Box261 Russian Koreets Gunboat 1/350
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


The name Koreets translates roughly as "Korean Man"

Regarding the chosen battle one ship often enough receives minor attention: The Korejez or Koreets, which stood bravely side by side with the Protected Russian Cruiser 1st Class Varyag.

Please not there is much confusion about the correct spelling of the ships name. There are also versions spelling: Korrietz.

This is btw the reason the Wikipedia article about the Varyag fails to connect to the article about the Koreets.

However, I was quiet happy to notice a manufacturer recognized the situation and filled in with a resin model of that ship.
Due to the language barrier it is quiet hard to gather decent information. All I could find was an article at

According to Wikipedia the basic facts about this ship go as follows:

Name: Korietz
Laid down: 1886
Launched: August 7, 1886
Commissioned: 1888
Decommissioned: 1904
Fate: Blown up after the Battle of Chemulpo Bay

General characteristics
Class and type: gunboat
Displacement: 1334 t
Length: 66.3 m (218 ft)
Beam: 10.7 m (35 ft)
Draught: 3.5 m (11 ft)
Propulsion: Sails, horizontal one shaft double expansion steam engine
Speed: 13.5 knots (25 km/h)
Range: 2850 nautical miles (at 8 knots)
Complement: 12 officers and 162 sailors
Armament: 2 х 203 mm,
1 х 152 mm
4 х 9 pounders
4 — 37 mm
1 — 64 mm
1 х 381 mm torpedo tube

I highly recommend reading up the short but informative Wikipedia article about this ship as I found no information whatsoever to add to that: Koreets

The Packaging…

The package consists of a folded card box of sufficient strength to withstand medium forces. On the front you will find a B/W print out of a famous painting. The ship is leaving harbor with some sails set and some seaman on the deck.

The Content…

After opening the box the model builder will discover various clear and numbered plastic bags containing the resin parts as well as some photo etched parts and the instructions. The photo etched parts are length wide longer then the box itself. For this, the fret is lightly bent in a curve inside the box.

The hull…

The full hull has been molded in one piece. The portholes are deepened but there are no "eyebrows" included. The hulls bottom shows some deep holes. You can either fill them or use them as a provision to put the boat onto a stand.
The two screws and the rudders are performed quiet nicely.

The hull already contains the molded on main deck which shows appropriate planking structure. As far parts of the super structure are molded on as well they do show some portholes as well.

Bag One

You will find the funnels, the boats, air ducts and the armament in this bag.
The boats are in scale regarding shape and size. However, they do not show the planking structure expected.

The air ducts do have hollowed openings.
The armament, specially the smaller caliber are a bit rough but acceptable.

Bag Two

Bag two gives you mainly the masts. They are superbly performed. However, regarding the durability I rather would suggest to find brass replacements.
The main masts are in scale and well performed.
The yards however will require a very cautious hand and a sharp eyed as well because they almost vanish within the resin foot.

Bag Three

Bag three gives the model builder some super structure parts. These resin parts, and that is, as a matter of fact true for the whole kit, do not have any serious bubbles or other errors.
Note the bridge structure with the included wood planking. This will be a dream to paint.
Even the small bollards are sharply shaped and very usable.

The sails are provided in a nested position, this is no real disadvantage. However a version with partly set sails might look quiet more interesting.

The Photo Etched Parts…

The provided photo etched brass parts do have some minor issue in my set. As you can see some of the brass bloomed a bit.
The brass material is thick. Otherwise all parts are sharply shaped and superbly performed.

The Reeling can be found on the main fret and on the smaller fret as well.
The details regarding the Davits are superb as well as the details for the sky lights.
Declining ladders, of course, are not missing at all.

The Decals…

There are none. All you receive is a clear paper print out of two flags.

The Instructions…

The instructions guide the model builder within 7 steps to his goal. The print out is provided on roughly A4 paper and the print is clear and easy to read. The given steps require some attention though but are easy to follow. The usage of the photo etched parts is included within.

The painting Instructions…

The painting instructions relate to paints from HUMBROL. The given drawing explains quiet nicely which color goes where. Beside that you get an idea on how to rig the ship though I feel this part should have been done a tad more detailed.


A very interesting ship which stood side by side with the Varyag until the moment they both met their fate in the harbor of Chemulpo.
Over all one receives a quiet well performed resin kit.
This kit is not the first one to have the hull plating missing. The superstructure and deck details are very convincing.
Highs: Exceptional model of a ship with over all good detailing. All decks show the appropriate planking. Nice superstructure.
Lows: The masts are very delicate and might break, Hull plating is missing. The shrouds are missing totally. The price.
Verdict: Because this is currently your only chance to accompany your Varyag model, go get it. This is a stunning kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 123
  Suggested Retail: 54.60 EURO
  PUBLISHED: Aug 20, 2009

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Hi everyone, you may find this special about the kit by Jim Bauman quiet interesting to read: Click: Building the Gunboat Koreeitz, by Jim Baumann I found also the following site showing an interpretation color wise what can be done: Click: 1/350 Combrig Russian Gunship Korietz Funny enough the caption reads "Combrig" kit and the text refers to "261BOX" Since I can´t read the text I am unsure which kit is depicted there.
AUG 28, 2009 - 11:35 AM
Very nice review; did not know about this ship! thanks for sharing
SEP 01, 2009 - 12:07 AM

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