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HMS Repulse 1/350 PE Set
White Ensign Models HMS Repulse 1/350 PE Set for Trumpeter Kit
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]

The packaging…

WEM provides the comprehensive brass parts within a sturdy and card board strengthened envelope.

In the upper right corner of the envelope the kit is described as PE 35120 1/350 HMS Repulse.

... And what is inside...

The Content

Upon opening the envelope you will find the parts being protected with card board inside. You receive two frets of photo etched brass parts containing 122 different parts and the instruction papers.

Let us face it, WEM is getting better and better with their PE parts and this one is no exception. Just do not forget that WEM started at a high precision and execution level since ever then and saying they getting better and better really means the bar again has been raised even further.

What I really like about the latest WEM etching is the fact they include relief etching all over and where useful. This really enhances visual wise if proper painted and raises the over all appearance of the kit greatly.

Fret A deals mainly with

01. The railing for all ship sections
02. Topmast
03. Main topmast
04. Yardarms
05. Signal lamp platform
06. Boat cradles
07. Walrus amphibian parts.
08. The ships name plates in relief etching are provided as well.

The railing is measured to fit to specific ship sections making it a breath to attach.

The boat cradles received relief etching bringing the appearance even closer to the original part. Fret A is very well executed.

I am impressed by the provided quality.

Fret B

Now this is the bigger fret which provides mainly as follows:

01. Various vent boxes
02. Crane parts
03. Pom-Pom parts including railing, gun sight, seats etc.
04. Director and rangefinder Supports
05. Flying deck house extensions
06. Radar equipment
07. Platforms
08. Funnel cap grills
09. Accommodation ladders rails and steps
10. Bridge window frames
11. Ship’s crest
12. Various parts for the (fast ) motor launch,
13. Oars for all boats in various size
14. Inclined ladders
15. Signal lamps
16. Anchor chains
17. Paravane parts
18. Thwarts
19. Semaphores
20. Main mast starfish

I could not find any part to complain about. What is provided is executed as clean as possible.

Please look at the photos to get visual wise a first hand impression what I am talking about.

The Instructions…

The instructions are printed on a roughly letter sized paper. The print is clean and easy to read.
I wished WEM would have chosen a slightly bigger type of font to ease reading.

On the first page comes the text portion of the Assembly Instructions.
The next two pages give you a list of all included parts on the frets.
WEM provides 7 more pages with various assembly drawings to support the given text on page 1.
The drawings are well printed and easy to follow.
The crane assembly requires the modeler to find himself some scratch material in form of round rods etc. The Diameter is not given. Similar is true for the crane Base requiring rectangle shaped plastic card. Again no size given.

Well, from all I can say about all of the parts are more or less covered.
At the same time the instructions show, the manufacturer had a skilled modeler on his mind.
If you are a novice modeler all it takes would be to study the instructions thoroughly twice before you start your build.


This is, without a doubt, a must have for the Trumpeter 1/350 Repulse. After my own inspection I could hardly imagine to build the ship without the WEM parts. All parts provided are well worth the effort. Regarding the 20mm single Oerlikon it naturally can’t live up to the expectations when compared to the original gun. The gun is flat and resembling the shape of the original. Even though not fully related to the ship itself, I am missing some ammunition boxes to accompany the AA weapons. This would have greatly enhanced the visual appearance.
Highs: A comprehensive kit to ensure a stunning result of the Repulse. The whole superstructure is covered very well.
Lows: The instructions do give some headache especially for the novice modeler. Some additional parts to live up the kits appearance e.g. ammunition boxes are missing.
Verdict: Without a doubt, WEM provides one of a kind solution to turn the Trumpeter Repulse into a gem. The gun barrels are missing though but that is a minor issue and easy to resolve. The single 20mm Orlikon might be better exchanged for a more realistic result.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: WEM35120
  Suggested Retail: $70.98
  PUBLISHED: Nov 02, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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