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Enterprise Conversion Set
Nautilus Models Yorktown/Enterprise Conversion Set 1942
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


The Nautilus Models conversion set comes in a sturdy single folded cardboard box. The front shows a drawing of the related bridge structure.

The Content…

Upon opening the box the modeler is confronted with two clear plastic boxes containing delicate resin parts and the instructions. The small empty space left in the box is filled with soft stuffing. Not so the empty space within the clear plastic boxes.

The Resin parts

Alright, before anyone runs away claiming this is not a kit but only a mess let me rectify something.
I photographed the parts as they came out of the boxes.

It is typical for resin parts that they are delivered with the mold stacks still attached.
Usually one is asked to first clean the parts by using warm soapy water. Then one will remove the resin socket from the parts. This is for the lesser part a difficult process but more or less a time consuming one.
So please do not be too scared just because I confront you within this review with what you actually get after your order arrived.
If you need pictures of the cleaned and ready to assemble parts, please feel free to visit the manufacturer site for different pictures.

With this said, the content lists as follows:

A. Lower Island
B. Island Decks
c. Funnel
D. Fighting Top
E. Upper MG Platform
F. Aft MG Platform
G. Spotlight Platforms
H1. 1.1" MG Tubs (4)
H2. Fwd 1.1" MG Deckhouse
J1. 1.1" "Chicago Organ" MG (4)
J2. 1.1" MG Mount (4)
K. Island Boat Crane Kingpost
L. 5"/38 Gun (8)
M. 5" Gun Mount (8)
N. 5" Gun Directors (2)
P. Aft Tripod Legs (2)
Q. Fwd Tripod Leg
R. Bridge Catwalk - 2 Var.
S. Aft Pri-Fly (Enterprise only)
T. Island Ladder Platforms (4)
U. Aft MG 1.1" MG Deckhouse
V. Bow 20mm Gun Tub
W. Funnel Platform
X. Fwd Bridge Catwalk
Y. Upper Island Detail
Z. Bridge

Now here comes the tough part.
How can one judge the accuracy of such items?
Well, naturally by getting the according plans. So, what I did was to order at Taubmans the CV-6 plans.
In my unfortunate those are showing the 1944 configuration. Never the less they are not useless since they are fundamental resource if it comes down to the correct hull shape. Comparing the kit parts with those plans revealed one minor issue with the funnel structure.

If you go through my pictures you will notice I enlarged the funnel structure and then I pointed to an error on top of the funnel deck.
In addition, I also made a rough drawing myself to show what needs to be fixed in order to achieve something close to the plans. I cross checked with the Ewing book page 67. You will clearly see what this is all about.

Beside that, I found no inaccuracies with the provided parts.

This leads to the next issue I was confronted with.
Some of the resin barrels of the armament broke during transportation. I may consider to replace those with brass ones if I can figure the correct size and shape.
Some platforms with their according splinter shields have weak molding. This can be fixed with some thin sheet but I would have been happier if I was relieved of such additional workload.

The Instructions…

The instructions are printed on a letter sized sheet of paper. The print is clear and free of errors.
Some of the mainly text wise described assembly steps are accompanied by drawings. Over all, I felt comfortable with the instructions after I read it several times - but there is room for improvement.
No directly corresponding reference to the original subject is provided.
No pictures of a building process accompany the instructions.


Well, this is the easiest way for anyone to turn the Trumpeter Hornet CV-8 kit into either the Yorktown or the Enterprise. Additional investigation is highly recommended. Whatever aftermarket parts are available for the Hornet may be used. However, the bridge will require thoughtful research.
According to the instructions one can opt -with additional workload and research- for a later Enterprise configuration as well. Leaving the damaged parts aside, this is a well performed kit.
Due to the nature I rather would not recommend it a beginner level modeler in the first.
Highs: A nice conversion set with included details all over.
Lows: The instructions do not live up to the kits quality. The funnel structure has some issues. The packaging.
Verdict: Overall an impressive kit which convinces through the options given.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 350-005
  Suggested Retail: 75.00
  PUBLISHED: Sep 22, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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