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USS Enterprise Wooden Deck
Nautilus Models USS Enterprise Wooden Deck 1/350
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


Ok, you may be one of those who decided to not only turn the Trumpeter USS Hornet (CV-8) into a gem of a model by using the WEM after market parts but also are going that one step further to utilize the kit to resemble the Enterprise CV-6. To turn the Hornet kit into the most decorated ship of World War Two is not an easy task.
It is not only the Island was significantly different from the Hornet but a lot of the fittings varied also.

AS you already may know, Nautilus Models jumped in to rectify the Island and Armament problem with their kit No. 350-005.
Further on there is one other major part that needs your attention: The flight deck.

Enterprise was refitted several times and one of the major changes was applied to the shape and size of the flight deck.

Again, Nautilus Models jumps in to help the modeler by providing a replacement deck for the Enterprise in the 1942 time frame.
For this, let us have a closer look what is provided....

The Packaging…

The kit comes in a lengthy clear plastic bag strengthened by cardboard as a backbone.
If you have it posted to you, the seller is well advised to provide a sturdy double strengthened box with the according length so no force may harm the delicate surface.

The Content…

Upon opening the bag the modeler is confronted with two wooden frets which are obviously laser cut and engraved. Also, one sheet of instructions is provided.

The Wood Deck…

The provided wood deck comes in two pieces, one quiet lengthy and one quiet short section.

The laser engraved details are stunning and outrun the kit provided deck by far. The manufacturer even included the position of the arresting wires and windbreakers as well as the catapult location, nothing to complain here.

The elevator sections are well engraved. If you decide to open the elevator you are provided additional wood planking for the elevators deck.

There is no clue on how to attach the two wood pieces of the deck. Also, the half round closing section at the bow of the Enterprise is a mystery unsolved with these parts.

The Instructions…

The Instructions come with a parts list and some advice text wise.

The first one being not to use Acrylic paints to stain the deck and a color suggestion referring to Testors 1719 Insignia Blue and 1718 Flat Sea Blue for the deck striping.
So far, this is valuable information and down right if you stick to Testors color line.

The assembly instructions come with no drawing at all.
Some sparse hints telling which parts go where all you will receive are.

Sorry to say, but the instructions hardly live up to the expectations and are a disappointment to me.
Where the styrene kit parts have locator pins and alike the wood replacement deck comes with a plain underside.
There is no referral to any reference so the model builder could look up if in doubt.
Also, there is no photo of the building process included to ease the construction.

I bet someone test fitted the deck at least once.

The question about the rounded flight deck bow section is not even mentioned.

Even understanding my review might be disturbing regarding the expected detail I wonder why there is no mentioning of the material itself.
I mean, this is an all wood deck replacing the styrene deck totally.
It would not have been the worst idea to indicate

1. How wood can be glued/attached securely to styrene,

2. How and if strengthening support should be applied to the underside of the wood deck to prevent warping,
3. What precautions have to be taken after everything is set and done (temperature issues and alike)

On the other hand, Nautilus Models provides contact address for writing, by phone and by e-mail if you feel in trouble. This is a very nice move and hardly offered by any other manufacturer freely.


This is a really nice and accurately performed kit to convert your Trumpeter USS Hornet (CV-8) into the USS Enterprise (CV-6) or Yorktown respectively.
Having seen the usage of wood decks on the net convinced me that nothing can resemble wood better then wood.

For this, this kit receives my recommendation.

However, where there is light there is shadow as well.
The instructions are by far too sparse to work with. Some deep research will be needed just to attach the deck right.

Highs: Accurate version of the CV-5 and CV-6 1942 flight deck with nicely engraved details. Support option given.
Lows: The instructions simply fail. How to attach the two deck parts unanswered.
Verdict: This is for the expert modeler who does not reject doing his own research and investing time. Gives stunning result.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 350-505
  Suggested Retail: 50.00
  PUBLISHED: Sep 23, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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