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USS Hornet - The Airwing
White Ensign Models USS Hornet 1/350 Upgrade - The Airwing
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


Well, these are happy days for those building the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Hornet (CV-8) styrene kit or any other Yorktown class vessel in this scale. After having introduced the WEM sets
1. The Ship
2. Perforated Catwalks
Here comes number 3 with outstanding details regarding the air wing and the hardware on the flight deck.

Let us look closer what WEM provides the modeler here...

The Packaging…

The kit comes in a double strengthened envelope with a sticker attached to its upper right corner reading:
1/350 USS Hornet The Airwing.

The Content…

Upon opening the envelope the modeler is confronted with one fret of delicate photo etched brass parts and sheets of paper holding the instructions.

If you have read my Trumpeter kit review you hopefully might recall my complaint about missing tools and transports for Bombs and moving the airplanes on the flight deck.
Well, thanks to WEM this is for the most part resolved by now.

The photo etched brass details show no over etching nor any other issue. Now here comes the list with the included details:

1. Hand Borrow Bomb Trolley
2. Wind Break Braces
3. Fork Lift Truck & Driver
4. Arrestor Wire Guides
5. Torpedo/Bomb Trailer
6. Elevator Edge Retractable Rails
7. B25 Mitchell Interior Fittings (7 parts)
8. B25 Mitchell Exterior Fittings (18 parts)
9. Flight Deck Wind Breakers
10. Forward Deck End Retractable Railing
11. Aircraft Tow Tractor (7 parts)
12. Aircraft Tow Bar
13. TBD Devestator Exterior Fittings (5 parts)
14. TBD Devestator Interior Fittings (7 parts)
15. F4F Interior Fittings (6 parts)
16. Aft Flightdeck End Retractable Railing
17. F4F Exterior Fittings (7 parts)
18. SPD Dauntless Interior Fittings (10 parts)
19. SPD Dauntless Exterior Fittings (11 parts)

Oh Boy, this is like a dream to come true.
The trolleys the fork lift truck and the aircraft tow tractor all in one set!
Seriously, this is that much of a surprise in itself and on its own sure worth the money.

Beside that, only two of each aircraft type is covered.
This fits well with the given Trumpeter styrene kit but gives a little headache for those seeking for more aircraft on the flight deck.
Also, you either will put the Mitchell Bombers on the Flight deck or the other aircrafts.

However, if you opt to open and detail the hangar deck, you could use the whole set by putting everything beside the Mitchell Bombers into the hangar deck.
Since airplanes in the second row inside the hangar will not be clearly visible -not even with a possibly installed lighting system- it may suffice to maybe obtain a second Hornet Airwing set to fully accomplish your task.

Regarding the provided details you will be surprised how much can be added even to those airplanes in 1/350. I never said nor thought the Trumpeter provided airplanes were lacking anything. With this WEM detail set you will take them over the edge.
Thinking about 1/350 interior aircraft equipment -which makes sense since Trumpeter kindly provided clear parts- is one of a kind idea and sure will raise the true heroes of a carrier -the airgroups- visual wise into the consciousness of the stunned audience.

The Instructions…

The instructions start of with a parts list and no general advises.
9 clear printed instruction drawings and some relating text guide the modeler to the desired result.
The steps are all clear laid out and leave no question unanswered.
No reference to the actual subject is provided.
No photos of the building process accompany the instructions.


You can tell from my above description that this set is really worthwhile. The tiny and delicate details may not be what the one or other modeler might care to invest as effort. However, even if you leave out the airplanes details -which will be very sad since those parts really stand out- you still, get some tools and tractors to get your flight deck busy as the real one.
Highs: Not only the various aircraft get treatment but flight deck tractor, trolleys etc. are provided as well.
Lows: Too few aircraft are dealt with.
Verdict: Highly recommended gem of a PE fret!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 3526
  Suggested Retail: $35.99
  PUBLISHED: Oct 01, 2010

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