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USS Hornet - The Catwalks
White Ensign Models USS Hornet 1/350 Upgrade - The Catwalks
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


Alright, so you want to build a superb model of the USS Hornet CV-8 out of that Trumpeter 1/350 kit or out of that kit any other Yorktown class carrier?

Beside the kit itself and some photo etched parts as provided by WEM or GMM respectively there is one section made of injected styrene which scale wise obviously does not fit with the fine details as provided in PE sets:
The catwalks.

Well, here is the answer by WEM...
The Packaging…

WEM provides this special kit in a double strengthened envelope. In the upper right corner it reads Perforated Catwalks.

The Content…

After opening the envelope you are confronted with one lengthy brass fret and one piece of paper as instructions.

The etching is superbly done. The perforation of the catwalks is naturally very fine in this scale but clearly noticeable. I included a photo where I lifted the fret from the blue ground for you to judge.
The catwalks do not come with any attached railings whatsoever. Those are provided with WEM´s The Ship Set I also reviewed. Even understanding the reason for the missing railings still makes me wonder why they were not attached to the catwalks to ease the construction.
On the other hand it will just take some patience to accomplish the given task, even though not an easy one to accomplish. Take your time with it and you will be rewarded with a stunning result.

You do receive catwalks/shields for 20 sections of the ship.

01. Starboard Forward FD Catwalk
02. Starboard Aft FD Catwalk
03. Port Aft Gun Gallery Catwalk
04. Port Aft Gun Gallery Shield
05. Stern Catwalk under Rundown
06. Port Side Long Catwalk Section
07. Port Aft Side Catwalk Section
08. Starboard Triple Gun Gallery Shield
09. Port Forward Gun Gallery Catwalk
10. Port Forward Gun Gallery Shield
11. Island Starboard Catwalk
12. Starboard Aft Side Catwalk
13. Port Side Long Catwalk Section
14. Island Port Catwalk
15. Starboard Forward Gun Gallery Shield
16. Starboard Forward Gun Gallery Catwalk
17. Port Forward FD Catwalk
18. Starboard Aft Twin Gun Gallery Shield
19. Port Aft FD Catwalk
20. Starboard Midships Catwalk Section

The Instructions…

The instructions consist of one sheet of letter sized paper printed on both sides. The front side gives the modeler a parts list and some general advice.
The backside comes with two graphics and some text.
The text for the most part indicates which styrene part will be replaced. It does not tell you how to remove the styrene parts though.
No reference to the original ship is included.
No photo of the building process is shown.

The Result…

This is a very useful addition to WEM´s PE offer for the ship itself. It is that useful, that one wonders why it was not included with the other WEM kit (The Ship) from the start.
If you compare the Trumpeter provided parts to this fine offer by WEM, you instantly comprehend what I am talking about. However, the instructions are sparse at its best. Again some deep modeler initiated research will be needed to figure the catwalks were reconfigured due to the refit or not.
No information you can gain about this question out of the kit nor the instructions.
Highs: Superbly done photo etched brass parts which leave nothing left to be desired
Lows: The instructions do not live up to the high quality of the kit itself. The railings are not included and attached as separate part.
Verdict: If you ever considered getting the recommended WEM PE parts for the ship itself, add this one to your list as well.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 3546
  Suggested Retail: $35.99
  PUBLISHED: Oct 05, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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