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1/720 Super Carrier PE Set
Gold Medal Models 1/720 Super Carrier PE Set
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


Good day everyone,

This in box review is related to the Revell 1/720 USS Enterprise model. As one can easily see from that review, the kit sure would benefit from some enhancements. After the hangar deck question had been resolved by Starfighter Decals there is only one detailing section left to work out. Of course one can use generic photo etched parts from the mass of 1/700 fittings, but that would be slightly off scale.

This is where Gold Medal Models of USA pops in and helps out where the model builder is left in a dilemma. The following set is made especially for the 1/720 scale of carrier models.

For this, let us have a look inside what is offered....

The Packaging…

The photo etched set comes strengthened with a cardboard in an envelope. With the reinforcement inside hardly any damage may occur during transportation.

What is inside? ...


Upon opening the envelope you face 1 sheet of instructions and one long etched brass sheet.


The superbly etched brass fret deals roughly with the following:

01. Radar Masts of various types
a. CV-63 / 64
b. CV-66 / 67
c. CVN-65
d. CVN-68
e. CVN-69
f. CVN-70 /71 / 72
g. CVN-73 /74 /75
h. CVN-70 through 75 Sea Sparrow Radar Platform (NSSM)

02. Anchors
03. Flight Deck Ladders
04. ECM Antenna Support
05. SPN 6 Radar
06. SPS 12 Radar
07. SPS 43a Radar
08. SPS 10 Radar
09. SPS 48 Radar
10. SPS 49 Radar
11. SPS 49 Tower
12. SPS 8a Radar
13. Tilly Crane
14. Windscreen Net
15. Transom Boat Fenders
16. Aircraft Details including the rotary for the helicopter in opened and closed position.
17. Flight Deck Nets (with some extra nets to reflect the timeframe built)
18. Railing and final Details for various carrier types.

I found no evidence of under etching or over etching respectively. Sharp edges are included as well as an etched description of each part in writing.


What a surprise we find here? GMM included an instruction which hardly leaves any questions open.

What you get is a clear print with a slightly too tiny font size. It is all very well readable though. Beside that, drawn diagrams guide you through each building step.
The guide does clearly differentiate between various carrier classes.
When it comes down to the railing the Forrestal-Class, Kitty-Hawk Class, Enterprise, America and Nimitz Class each received an own drawing to show what part goes where.
Now you know I am quiet picky if it comes to the instructions. GMM not only gives you this easy to follow instructions but for each ship a hint on reference material. Now, that is very smart for itself and should be highly appreciated by anyone.
However, no photos of an actual build process are provided.


No doubt about it, this is not only in regard to the photo etching itself but also in regard to the instructions a one of a kind after market piece for the quiet low detailed Revell 1/720 USS Enterprise or any other covered super carrier in this scale.
Each provided part will lift the detail of the styrene kit immensely. If only there had been some sort of rigging instructions as well.


Congratulation to GMM for this superbly manufactured piece of after market part that will turn the 1/720 Revell Enterprise almost into a gem. This is a must have and if correctly applied, should easily outmatch any pure OOB build of the carrier. In fact, every part provided by GMM is a small model in itself. Consider the scale and you know how well this was done.
I am not saying all this because it is supposedly the only photo etched part for the 1/720 carrier kits but because it is so very true.

Highs: Gives a superb addition for the 1/720 USS Enterprise. Radar and masts up to railing are all provided. Above average instructions.
Lows: No Rigging instructions.
Verdict: This should be considered an obligation. Fits novice to advanced skills.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: 720-11
  Suggested Retail: $22.00
  PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2010

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