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15/42 (38.1cm) Mark I Barrels
Flyhawk 1/700 WWII HMS 15/42 (38.1cm) Mark I Metal Barrel
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by: Scott Espin [ SPIFF ]

The Barrel Set

This set consists of eight metal barrels packaged in a small zip lock bag taped to a black cardboard backing which is all bundled in a protective plastic sleeve. The barrels are meant as replacements for kit-provided plastic barrels. These represent the WWI to WWII Royal Navy 15/42 Mark I guns.

The following ships and classes utilized the 15/42 Mark I guns:
Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships Barham, Malaya, Queen Elizabeth, Valiant and Warspite
Revenge Class Battleships Ramillies, Resolution, Revenge, Royal Oak and Royal Sovereign
Renown Class Battlecruisers - Renown and Repulse
HMS Hood
Glorious Class Large Light Cruisers - as originally designed before they were converted to Aircraft Carriers
Erebus Class Monitors Erebus and Terror
Marshal Ney Class Monitors Marshal Soult, Marshal Ney
Roberts Class Monitors Roberts and Abercrombie
Battleship HMS Vanguard

The barrels feature bored-out ends with finely crafted detail at the tips which represents the inner and outer sleeves. If you look at the tips under magnification you can see Flyhawk achieved this effect by cutting a beveled edge at the tip with the inner sleeve extending beyond the end of the outer sleeve.

In reality the end should be flat so the bezel effect appears exaggerated, however at a normal viewing distance the effect does a decent job of simulating the sleeve detail. The base consists of a narrow shaft with only the external portion of the barrel represented from the outer part of the blast bag (not included) to the tip.


Often plastic kit barrels suffer from mold seams or worse; offset mold halves. These can be difficult to clean up and repair while maintaining the correct diameter and roundness of the barrels. This metal barrel set from Flyhawk is a nice upgrade for the kit-provided plastic barrels. The bored out ends add some nice detail.

Highs: Finely crafted tips bored-out with nice inner and outer detail.
Lows: The bezel effect at the tip of the bore is gives a slightly exaggerated appearance
Verdict: Overall, a nice set of replacement barrels for this type and caliber of gun.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: FH 700070
  Suggested Retail: MSRP-$11.95 USD
  PUBLISHED: Apr 18, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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