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CVN Decals 1/350
Gold Medal Models CVN Decals 1/350
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


If you obtained the solid Tamiya 1/350 Enterprise kit you sure noticed, that you are asked to paint a lot of flight deck markings manually. While this is possible, it would have been way easier if Tamiya would have supplied a full set of decals for the kit. This is where Gold Medal Models comes to help the modeler. Let us have a look at what is provided ….
The Packaging…

I received my copy of the decals within a cardboard strengthened envelope. Upon opening, there were 2 sheets of decals and one two sided instruction sheet.
The Content…

There are so many markings provided that I lost myself in naming them. Instead, let me give you the manufacturer description which covers about anything included:

Gold Medal Models wrote:

A decal set comprising two 4" by 10" sheets printed in six colors: black, white, red, yellow, blue, and green, plus clear, that provides the following markings:
FOR ALL SHIPS: Eight red warning circles in two sizes for rotating weapons mounts; twelve bomb jettison ramp markings for flight decks; assorted awards with hash marks in full color and in three sizes for bridge wings; assorted sets of campaign ribbon groups in full color; national ensigns and jacks in both straight and "windblown" formats; yellow & red flight deck elevator and ordnance elevator striping; white and red forward flight deck striping; Underway Replenishment markings in several styles for elevator edges and nearby superstructure areas; ten sets of underwater hull draft markings in black & white; 18 sets of Flight Deck Electrical Power Hatch striping; numbers for Tow Tractors in two sizes;

FOR ENTERPRISE: Hollow white outlined flight deck numbers in the correct shape Tamiya's molded engraved lines depict an incorrectly shaped "65", "Big E" marking for rear of island; "USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65" titles for the island front in two sizes and three variations for three different eras; Aviation Boatswains' Mates' Wings, ship's plaque, and small black eagle for lower island front; five "Beware of Jet Blast Propellers and Rotors" signs in four styles for different eras; "Hormuz Highway Patrol", kill marks, and related awards for late 1980's period.

FOR NIMITZ-CLASS: Correctly shaped hollow and solid numbers for flight decks including one set of oversize solid "68" numerals for an early Nimitz; correctly shaped shadowed and non-shadowed white numbers for islands of all ships in the class; assorted island signs for damage control equipment; twelve different sets of Aviation Boatswains' Mates' wings for all ships' island fronts to represent a variety of eras; and nine sets of "Beware of Jet Blast Propellers And Rotors" warning signs for islands representing all ships and several eras.

The heavily illustrated instruction sheet provides detailed information on usage and proper display of all the above markings.

What made me really happy is the “Big E” decal for the rear of the island.

The Instructions…

The given instructions are very printed without any visible error. They consist mainly of drawings for the according carrier and come along with some explaining text. I included photos of the instructions so you, the audience, can get a first hand impression.

Result and Conclusion…

There is hardly anything to complain about. The decals are one of the best I have seen and the instructions guide you clearly no matter you are doing the Enterprise or the Nimitz Class. This is not only a nice addition but to me, a must have. This is even true if you refrain yourself from those extensive photo etched brass parts and no matter you buy additional airplanes or not. If you ask why, here is the simple answer: This decal set not only gives you correct markings for the according carrier but also color wise lives up the flight deck and the island so much, you do not want to miss this
Highs: Accurate decals for Enterprise and Nimitz Carrier; Indispensable.
Lows: None Noted
Verdict: This is essential for anyone who obtained either the Nimitz Class or the Enterprise
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: 350-8D
  Suggested Retail: $12.00 USD
  PUBLISHED: Oct 12, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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