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USS Enterprise Hangar Details
StarFighter Decals Hangar Deck Detailing Set for Revell USS Enterprise CVN-65
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]

Good day everyone,

If you read my review about the Revell CVAN 65 USS Enterprise in 1/720 scale you are aware that the kit lacks at some points.

One of the major issues involved kit wise are the opened hangar doors. For this, Star Fighter Decals stood up to fill in with an after market detailing set to rectify that.

Now let us see what is provided...

The Packaging…

I received my order in a padded envelope and it survived the long route of transportation unharmed. Inside, I found a clear plastic bag containing all the needed parts and the instructions.

And what is inside? ...

The Content…

Upon opening the bag one finds cast resin pieces in grey color bound to a resin plate and one separate resin part in a different color.

These are the fittings inside the hangar to resemble some structure within. The cast is clean, sharp in appearance and spot on.

Here is a list of the included items:

01. Forward Bulkhead
02. Port Forward Bulkhead
03. Port Aft Bulkhead
04. Port Rear Bulkhead
05. Aft Bulkhead Area
06. Garage Door Bulkhead
07. Aft Starboard Bulkhead
08. Starboard Center Bulkhead
09. Forward Starboard Bulkhead
10. Forward Sponsons
11. Aft Sponsons
12. Bridle Catcher

I provide photos from the 4 sides so you can judge yourself how nicely this set was done.

The Instructions…

The instructions are a pleasant surprise for themselves. They come on one sheet of roughly letter sized paper. The print is clear to read and with no errors.
The manufacturer chose to provide some text captions to accompany real life pictures of the build process. This way, few questions may arise. 6 Steps are required to reach your goal.

Since you may have noticed from the content section, the hangar deck floor is missing with this set. Well, the instructions help you there by providing a template to work with. This is a very nice and wise move as it takes the burden to measure the hangar layout through trial and error.

Why the manufacturer missed to include the exact position of the resin pieces right on the hangar floor template is beyond me. This is, however, a minor issue to deal with. The modeler is given all basic information needed to accomplish his task.

No painting instructions are provided.
No hints to possible references are provided.


This is a fine after market set with a good quality product at a reasonable price. If you are up to rectify the Revell given hangar problem then I can see no easier and more time saving way but with this set of resin pieces accompanied by the well done instructions. Of course, the hangar floor will require some minor scratch building but on the other hand, the manufacturer gives you the most cost effective way to fix that problem. Plastic sheets are by far way cheaper than any resin casting!


Oh yes sir, this is the set to have if you care to do the 1/720 hangar deck for the Revell kit. Not only that, it can serve as a good guide if you shall be inclined to live up the TAMIYA 1/350 CVN-65 kit. Latter scale will sure need more research and details but with this set at hand, you sure have enough basics to work with.

One may argue that few of this set might be visible if the project is done. The flight deck builds the hangar ceiling and when glued on darkness does the rest.
Admitted, that might happen.
However, who ever said you must glue the flight deck of the kit?
Also, no one is hindered to include some SMD LED based micro lighting system into the hangar deck to make it come alive.
Highs: Exact and sharp resemblance of the hangar area. Above average instructions.
Lows: No painting instructions. Floor template missing position of parts and structure.
Verdict: A must have for the 1/720 Revell kit either for beginner up to experts.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: R7201
  PUBLISHED: Oct 14, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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