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Carrier Air Wing 9 (1968)
StarFighter Decals Carrier Air Wing 9 (1968)
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by: Dariush [ DR_WHO2 ]


If you have read my review about the Starfighter Decal set with the manufacturer No. 700-6 you already know, that I was unable to obtain the according airplane kits as of this writing in 2010. However, as I already pointed out, Starfighter Decals offers a wide range of decals for the 1/720 Revell Enterprise.
For this, I chose this set as it confirms with the kit given airplanes. Now, let us see what is provided...
The Package…

The decal set came to me in a strengthened envelope and was unharmed through transportation. Upon opening the envelope I received the decal sheets orderly packed into a clear plastic bag along with the included instructions.
The Content…

This set provides the modeler two decal sheets. The print is superb and I could not notice any error.
The first sheet deals with the following aircrafts:
1. VF 92 Silver Kings with F-4B´s (17 parts) * 11 = 187
2. VF 96 Fighting Falcons with F-4B´s (17 parts) * 10 = 170
3. VA 35 Black Panthers with A-6A´s (15 parts) * 12 = 180
4. VA 113 Stingers with A-4F´s (15 parts) * 12 = 180
5. VA 58 Champions with A-4E´s (11 parts) * 13 = 143
This results in 860 decal parts so far.
The second sheet includes:
1. RVAH 1 Smoking Tigers with RA-5C´s (16 parts) * 6 = 96
2. VAW 112 Golden Hawks with E-2A´s (14 parts) * 4 = 56
3. HC-1 Det. 65 Pacific Fleet Angels with UH-2C´s (7 parts) * 3 = 21
4. COD C1A Trader (8 parts) * 1 = 8
5. VAH 2 Det. 65 Royal Ramparts with KA-38´s (16 parts) * 6 = 96
6. VAW 13 Det. 65 Zapper with EKA-38 s (18 parts) * 3 = 54
This results in 331 decal parts for the smaller sheet. Over all we are talking about 1191 decal parts which need o be cut and applied to the airplanes.
The Instructions…

The instructions consist of a color printed solid sheet of paper. It starts with some historical background about the given time frame and also points the modeler to some reference material!
You receive a drawn and colored side view of each aircraft with all the markings in place. This leaves not many questions open despite I rather would have suggested an exploded view which points out which decal goes where.
Last but not least printed color samples for the given airplanes are provided along with the according FS number.
No actual build process pictures are provided. Pictures of the real airplanes are missing as well.
Result and Conclusion…

This is the correct decal set to obtain if you want to make maximum use of the Revell kit given airplanes. The quality of the decals is superb and will live up your ship kit and the according airplanes immensely.
Highs: Fits the kit given airplanes. Superb printing quality. Thorough instructions.
Lows: The decals need to be cut out manually.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: 700-53
  PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

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