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WWII IJN Shipboard Catapult
Allince Model Works WWII IJN shipboard Catapult Set
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by: Gremlin56 [ GREMLIN56 ]


Alliance Model Works is a USA based company that is building up a nice selection of after market add-on accessories for several different scales and genres of plastic models. Their sets consist of photo etch and resin parts and in their 1/35 armour sets decals and stencils for spraying markings are included, all for very reasonable prices. They also have a nice series of 1/350 scale photo etch sets designed for IJN World War II vessels, so when I was offered the opportunity of taking a closer look at two of their sets I gladly accepted.

The PE...

The catapult set consists of a sheet of photo etch parts, four resin parts and an extensive instruction sheet, enabling you to build two rocket-driven catapults and two aircraft trolleys. The resin parts depict the rocket tubes and catapult base. The photo etch is encased in two sheets of tacky plastic to prevent any parts defecting to the carpet monster, (after removing a part you can replace the plastic cover in its original position to protect the other pieces). The metal would appear to be some sort of brass and the pieces are some of the most delicate I have seen in 1/350 scale. Engraving is beautifully done, (check out the top plate of the catapult). The instruction sheet is clearly drawn and printed and shows you exactly how to use the pieces included; sounds simple but a lot of companies flunk this simple test so compliments to Alliance Model Works on this very important part of the sets.

As always the proof of the pudding is in the eating so I decided to see how the quality of the etch is when you start removing pieces from the fret. I lined up my trusty craft knife with a new blade and of course my “Hold and Fold” and went for one of the trolley cradles. I was pleasantly surprised when the knife smoothly went through the minute metal tabs holding the parts. The difference in the photo etch sheets used by the different companies is amazing, ranging from rock hard, knife tip breaking sheets to over soft and very bendy sheets that disintegrate as soon as you bend the parts once. Alliance Model Works have got things right here too, using an easy cutting, flexible photo etch sheet that stands up to a bit of bending to get the right shape without falling apart. In this case I didn’t even need the “Hold and Fold” to bend the trolley into shape.
Highs: Good Value
Verdict: Very nice set and well worth picking up.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:350
  Mfg. ID: NW35001
  Suggested Retail: 13.00
  Related Link: NM35001
  PUBLISHED: Mar 06, 2011
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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What type of castapult is represented... like, is it a Kure Type 2 Model 3 or 5 ? What ships of the IJN carried this type of catapult? Also, I tried Alliance Modelworks website a while back and found it not functioning properly. I checked jut now and nothing changed. Any other seller of their Items in Europe?
MAR 10, 2011 - 06:36 PM
Hallo, I am in the USA. All the 1/350 items are available on my site. LINK Thanks, Harry
MAR 10, 2011 - 06:52 PM
Good morning Darius, try this link: LINK Cove Models ltd. in the UK is listed as European distributor. I really couldn't tell you if it is the mod 3 or mod 5 catapult; it would appear to be identical to the catapult supplied by Fujimi for the IJN Haruna but the quality of the Alliance Model Works PE set is much better. regards, Julian
MAR 10, 2011 - 07:31 PM
Hi Brian, Thanks for the information I was sure it was a Kure 2 but the finesses of which model it was elude me There isn't a lot of photo material of Japanese WW II shipborne catapults online. There is also a review of the Alliance Model Works ladders and accommodation ladders in the pipeline regards, Julian
MAR 14, 2011 - 05:59 AM
This is a great review, however, in 1-350 this can also make a great looking diorama, the below photo is in 1-72 and for sale on ebay, also which jogged my memory with this review, its also avalable in 1-350. $(KGrHqF,!hcE2h9mCuG,BNo6mhL2S!~~_12 I guess while highly detailed parts are much sort after for surface shipping, some tend to forget these also make really good looking dioramas, all being a little on the small side.
APR 26, 2011 - 06:43 AM

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