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USS Virginia CGN38 Detail Set
Flyhawk Model USS Vigrinia CG38 1/700 Detail Set
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by: Jim Adams [ GOLDENPONY ]


A few months ago Dragon released their USS Virginia CGN-38 kit. It was a decent kit, but still it could use some extras to really make it POP. So, now we have a superdetail set by Flyhawk.

The Set...

The set comes on two cardboard sheets inside plastic sleeves. There are 4 different frets of PE and one instruction sheet.

The Frets...

In this set you will get a good deal more PE to detail your ship. The small fret included with the kit only held a few ladders, the radar, and a couple other pieces. One fret in the set holds nothing but railings. These alone will make a great addition to your ship. There are four different styles of railings for your project. The sections for the bow are even curved so they fit better.

Other detail items found on the various frets are platforms, ladders, watertight doors, davits, the flight deck, and supporting members. The PE flight deck fixes the problem of the plastic flight deck, where the tie downs are too deep.

You will also get to replace the clunky radar with a nice fine PE antenna. There are even doors to add to the ships guns. There will be improvements all over your ship with this detail set. You will need to add some .4mm and .7mm plastic rods.

Now for the down side of the PE items. These are very tiny! Be sure if you want to try this set that you feel comfortable working with PE. Have your magnifier, Hold and Fold, and your Gator glue ready. The Radars look to be rather fine and complex.


It seems that many recent kits and detail sets have done a really bad job on instructions here lately. This one is printed on one sheet of paper, front and back. After looking them over, I am pleased with them. They are not perfect, but they are getting better.

Locations for the railings are given this time, so that is a big help. Just be sure to go over the instructions before you start. Plan your over all project and you should be fine.


This will be a great set to add to add to your ship. It may prove a little challenging for a novice builder. The plastic kit is very nice and adding this will make it even better. But, novice builders will want to work on their skills before making the jump. Seasoned builders will be able make a very nice show piece.
Highs: Great detail set to make your ship pop.
Lows: Really small items will be a challenge for some
Verdict: For those who like details, this set is for you.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: FH710002
  Suggested Retail: $39.95
  PUBLISHED: Jul 12, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Hello Jim, Great review. I agree about the less the great instructions that have been coming out with PE from some of the companies. Maybe they need to study the how WEM or Tom's do their instructions as I have always had no trouble following them as I do with Flyhawks Models PE sets as well with others Again, Great review, Cheers, Bruce
JUL 12, 2011 - 06:41 PM

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