Texas, United States

Occupation: distribution management
Interests: scuba and Boy Scouting
USERNAME: blaster76


About blaster76
I'm one of those folks that is on the other side of 50. I have built models since I was 7. Mainly airplanes and cars. I had a brief stint with 35th scale armor back in mid 70's until I discovered 700 scale ships and 48th scale Armor. Bought Tony Greenlands book on modeling Armor and went out and bought 4 different Tiger Tank models in 35th scale. That was in "96. Now I pretty much build that and the large scale 350 scale warships. Lately though, 1200 scale ships have had their appeal. I guess in my heart I always wanted to be an Admiral. I am an ex tanker. Spent three years as a tank officer in a combat battalion guarding the Germans from the Soviet hordes. So I know how a tank should realistically look. Love dogs, scuba, models, the Boy Scouts, my country, and the law.

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