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IJN Sand Bags
LionRoar WWII 1/700 Resin Detail Parts
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by: Jim Adams [ GOLDENPONY ]


When viewing photos of Japanese ships from World War II and earlier you will notice something that seems out of place onboard a ship, sandbags. The Japanese Navy used these bags to protect the bridges of some combat ships. Not only would this but they use them to protect small deck guns as well.

The Set

Five different styles of sand bag patterns are included in the set. They are all very small, and I did my best to show them.

Set A is small linear double stacked rows of bags, 4 rows on the bottom, and three rows on top. There are two sprues of these with 6 on each for twelve total.

Set B is a single sprue of single bags. There are 48 total of these.

Set C is a linear triple stack row of bags. There are two of these rows of bags on a single sprue.

Set D is a grouping of bags seen on the bridges of IJN aircraft carriers. There are two sprues of these and should be enough to cover the bridge of any IJN carrier you wish to build.

Set E is an arched grouping of bags. They are triple stacked and are arched to fit around deck mounted AA guns. There are two of these.


The instructions are a single fold out style sheet. Each set is show in its proper installation. Included on the last fold of the instructions is the warning, “Please Incise Carefully”


Nice looking set to add another layer of detail to your builds. They are very small and their pour stubs are fairly large, compared to the parts. Novices should seriously think about getting these.
Highs: Nice set for details your 1/700 IJN Ships.
Lows: Tiny! Beware the carpet monster.
Verdict: Nicely done and won’t break the bank.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: LE700081
  Suggested Retail: 13.95
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  PUBLISHED: May 07, 2008
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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Thanks Jim! I have this set and I must say that it is very nice. Gator
MAY 07, 2008 - 08:12 AM
So, you can back me up when I say they are tiny! I might try to use mine when I get a shot a building the ISE.
MAY 07, 2008 - 09:03 AM
let me know when they do aet in 350. SAw a pic of the Kongo with a bunch of these on the bridge.
MAY 10, 2008 - 07:20 PM
Well, maybe they just might. The 350 Akagi would surely need them for her bridge as well.
MAY 10, 2008 - 11:56 PM

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