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Lion Roar is soon to release a 1/700 scale WWII USN BARGES II
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Lion Roar releases a four piece barge set in 1/700 scale; WWII USN BARGES I.
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Lion Roar's big PT-Boat detail set will be re-released this May with improvements. This set is meant to be used with Italeri's PT-596 kit (No. 5602).
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Whether you're building big or small, if you're building IJN, Lionrar has something for you!
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New brass is now available for your 1/700 Ryuho and 1/350 Missouri!
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Looking to add the extra bit of fine detail to your latest 1/350 IJN project? If so then LionRoar has something for you!
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Ahoy Shipmates! Lionroar has announced some new items to spruce up your 1/350 Bismark and Takanami.
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Lion Roar has announced a host of 1/350 photo etch upgrades for numerous 1/350 naval kits.
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Lion Roar has announced the release of a host of new detail sets. These new sets include photo etch to detail German and Japanese warships along with a couple of WWII US Navy lighters.
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New Items on the Horizon from Lion Roar
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JMSDF DDG-177 Atago for Trumpeter Detail set from LionRoar
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Lion Roar has announced several new detail items and two new sets.
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Upcoming releases from LionRoar
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LionRoar Model Arts Co. has kindly sent us advanced images of their new LAS35013 -1/35 S-100 Upgrade Set for Italeri's S-100 kitset.

Packed full of details, this set will add to an already fantastic kit.

It is expected that this kit will be available shortly and at a retail price yet to be confirmed.

We will of course update you as and when more information comes to hand.

Images courtesy of Lion Roar.
  • Lion Roar Nagato
  • l_LNRLE7000921
  • l_LNRLE700104
  • L70002box_3D
Lionroar Precision Model Kits have announced two new IJN Carrier Based Aircraft sets in 1/700 scale multimedia kits (plastic/brass photo-etch), with the spotlight of this report on kit #L70003, WWII IJN Carrier Aircraft Set II.
  • LE700102-7
LionRoar announces their latest photoetch set. This time it’s the 1/700 HMS Battlecrusier Hood Photo Etch Set for Trumpeter’s upcoming 1931 HMS Hood. This set, which includes a full set of accurate detail-up parts including accurate turned metal barrels, will be available in July of 2008.
  • 700088
  • P24771_0
Continuing to build on its fine range of 1/700 Photoetch accessories Lion Roar announced the release four sets of name plates a short while back, one each for the USN, German Navy, Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Lion Roar set LE700070 is for the IJN, and the subject of this MSW News Update.

This kit is now available for purchase.
  • 700087
Ahoy Mates!
LionRoar sends us Details and images of three new 1.700 scale A/M upgrades in WWII, ship-board artillery...
  • l_LNRLS350008_MFU8
Aftermarket upgrade manufacturer LionRoar Model Arts Co. has entered the scene with a new 1/350 scale set designed exclusively for the Hasegawa Nagato!
  • l_LNRLE700080
Not even remotely finished, LionRoar Model Art has announces more February releases. Including all the major navies of World War II, LionRoar’s new releases cover everything from bulkhead and hull details to weapon sets. Again, these sets will be available in February of 2008. Retail cost is to be announced at a later date.
  • 700100-10
Once again, LionRoar Model Art has put the art in model art. Their 1/700 WWII USS North Carolina Detail Set is the latest in LionRoar’s beautiful full ship set. Giving the modeler the same quality and quantity as in their 1/350 photo etch sets, LionRoar’s 1/700 North Carolina Detail set will make a nice addition to anyone wanting to build a small scale “Showboat.” This set will be available in February of 2008. Retail cost is to be announced at a later date.
  • LAS35003-1
LionRoar Model Arts Co. sends us photos of their new 1/35 PT Boat Upgrade Set for Italeri's PT Boat. Packed full of details, this set will add to an already wonderful kit. The retail price for this set is unknown at this time.
  • flightdeck_1
Now you can super detail the pride of the First Mobile Striking Force with the latest release from LionRoar Model Arts Co.. Don’t be fooled by the name. The 1/700 Photo-Etched Flight deck for IJN Aircraft Carrier "Akagi" comes with everything needed to super detail your IJN Akagi, including a resin replacement island. Other enhancements that come with the kit are flight deck support towers and girders, anti-aircraft platforms, and photo etch island walkways and ladders. LionRoar also plans on releasing a similar set for the Hiryu.
  • LS350006  JMSDF DDG-173 KONGOU Super Detail Set
LionRoar Model Arts Co. sends us details AND images of their next aftermarket super detail set, this time, for PitRoad Models' JMSDF AEGIS DESTROYER "KONGOU".
  • hiryu_1
News from the Far East. Join me for a sneak peek of Lion Roar’s 1/700 IJN Hiryu Photo-Etched Flight Deck . This beautiful set replaces the kit’s plastic deck. This kit is a wonderful upgrade for the Pearl Harbor and Midway veteran.
NEWS and first images in from Shanghai, LionRoar Model Arts Co. has introduced a new line of ready made, pre-etched ship nameplates.
  • saw_1
New from LionRoar Model Arts Co. a set of 3 Stainless Steel Modeling Saw Blades. Utilizing a standard utility knife with a 3/8" segmented blade, replace the knife blade with the saw blade for cutting plastic and resin parts.
Retail Price - $5.95
Images in from LionRoar Model Arts Co. of the upcoming release of two interesting photo-etch upgrades.

News in from LionRoar Model Arts Company, of a batch of interesting aftermarket upgrades just for us shipwrights!
The perfect companion for your KMS Bismarck and HMS Hood model kit. Just imagine displaying these authentic badges with your model kit.
  • WWII HMS HOOD Metal Barrel & Resin Turrets 1/350
News in from LionRoar Model Arts Co., of some very interesting and highly useful new additions to their fine line of 1/700 and 1/350 scale Photo-Etch upgrades for the shipwright!
LionRoar Model Arts Co. sends us NEWS today of their February releases, some very interesting 1/700 scale IJN and German Navy aftermarket upgrade sets!
NEWS, and first images in to the MSW News feed! Lionroar Model Arts Co. sends us an announcement with first close up images of their upcoming 1:350 scale detail up conversion kit, 1945 Yukikaze (for Hasegawa)!
Here is a News annoncement, complete with images of two new and very interesting photo-etch upgrades, both for 1/700 scale, WWII IJN vessels!
There is good news for modelers currently working on Trumpeter's 1/350 USS North Carolina. Lionroar has just release probably the most complete set of photoetch for the USS North Carolina. (17) sheets of relief photoetch, (9) turned 1/350 16 in aluminum barrels, (20) 5 in metal barrels, brass propellers....Check out the pictures.